Thursday, October 15, 2009

Latest Case in Phishing

What is Latest in Phishing

Dear Readers,

After long interval I am again going to tell you a new threat of phishing. Earlier I already discussed you about different phishing attacks in the phishing topic and there you learnt that they send you mail for updating your bank account, they send you offer for being their bank employee for collecting their money, they send you offer letter by claiming your details including your family members name, they tell you about your email id has got lottery of huge amount but later on you have to get your custom clearance by paying a certain amount and finally you get nothing and you lose your money, they tell you that a trust has nominated you for paying a certain amount and finally you get the same result like the last example and all these are phishing mails, which causes you a huge monetary loss.

Now I will tell you what the latest threat is. You have got an email from your bank security mail id that someone may have compromised your bank account and we found a suspicious net transaction of RS. 10000 from your bank and we stopped the transaction for suspicion but if you think that it is a right transaction then allow it or stop it by accessing your account on the following link. And if you click on it you will find a cloned webpage of your bank and then you will access it by putting your user id or password and first time they may tell you that your user id or password may not be correct and that’s why they are not opening but put the same user id and password second time that will open and ask you for allow or stop and then they will tell you thanks your suspicious transaction has been stopped as you desired. Now you think that you have got the relief.

But what already happened here, they got your user name & password and they asked you for logging in 2nd time for confirming your user name and password and have already started to operate your account and finally after 24 hours they have transferred your bank amount to their person and if you don’t realize it within 24 hours your amount will be withdrawn by fictitious bank account holders, who opened the accounts by providing fake names and addresses, from ATM counters. This is the actual fact in reality.

Thanking You

Urproblemmysolution Adminstrator