Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Write and lodge Complaint in Cyber Crime Cases

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Due to lack of time I could not reach to you with my next topics. So again I have come to you with an important topic on cyber crime investigation i.e:- how to write complaint as victim in cyber crime cases. I feel this topic important as most of the cases get hampered due to weak complaint.

Generally in regular life netizens become victim in cyber crime cases as a victim of cyber stalking ( Fake profile in any social networking site or adult site for more pl search this blog on cyber stalking), online cheating through lottery, uploading personal intimate videos by someone in the net or something else.

So, when you are victim of these type of cases or any type of cyber crime related cases, take the print screen of those pages and copy the exact link which shows your profile only and also link of that page which shows your profile with others. Take the printout of those print screens.

If it is through any email take the entire print out of that email with its header file and attach it with your complaint.

There after lodge your complaint with those evidences to the Cyber Crime Police Station or nearby police station, where cyber crime police station does not exist. So this is not tough to understand and this will also help my colleagues to take complaint from victims in right manner. But if the complainant comes after lodging complaint to the website service provider for deactivating the link without copying the link address and the link becomes inactive, it could not be traced and it becomes next to impossible for LEAs to trace out the perpetrator until and unless you get the cached copy from Google or any other search engine.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Beginners' Guide To Investigate Cyber Crime

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Sorry for the delay for posting my 3rd article on How to investigate cyber crime FOR BEGINNERS. Actually I was very much busy for my other official duties and that's why I could write for you but in the mean time I managed to prepare a pdf file for your study which will help you to learn the basics of the cyber crime investigations. So I would request you to go through the pdf after downloading it from the link noted below.

I hope and keep strong believe on the fact that this will be very much helpful to all of you.

Waiting for your mail and reply. It is based on Indian Information Technology Act but this will also be helpful to the citizen of other countries as the law is briefly explained here. So pl download it from here

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Investigate Cyber Crime (Part-2)

Dear Friends,

In my last post I promised to continue this article in a simple manner and easy understandable language so that everybody even a going to be retired police officer can understand and my article becomes helpful to them to investigate the Cyber Crime related cases. My expert friends are requested to share there knowledge here for new cyber crime investigators, who thinks it difficult to investigate the cyber crime related cases.

So first of all I will tell them that don't get afraid by hearing a complaint from a victim about cyber crime as most of the complaint in the PS label are very easy to investigate. My friends, who can investigate murder cases, theft cases, cheating and other cases which are regular crime in our daily life and know what evidences should be collected from mobile number and device, can easily investigate cyber crime related offense. So just listen the complaint of a victim and give him/her a relief and don't say that you can't as that makes you inefficient before that citizen and in coming days in most of the cases computer or communication device will be part and parcel of the weapon of the criminal.

So my friends lets start from here. First of all I want to bring in your notice : -

What are the Basic Knowledge:-

1) You should know how to use mobile phone and what mobile phone does. ( I think all of us know this as this is part and parcel in all of our life as today a day labour also carry mobile phone with him)

2) Common sense of investigating other cases. ( All the police officers do have it)

3) To have a little bit knowledge in computer. ( I think this is also in possession with all of my friends)

4) A little bit knowledge about internet, email id, and how internet works. ( Some of my friends do have this but I will discuss it in my next article for those who does not have the knowledge and its very easy)

What are Cyber Crimes and how these are committed:-
This has already been discussed in my blog earlier but inspite of that I will discuss you serially as if you don't know the crime and modus operandi of criminals how you will solve the problem. In a sentence cyber crime is defined as " Any illigal act involving a computer, its systems, or its applications" by EC Council. Cyber Crime is intentional and not accidental.

How To Take Complaint from Victim:- It will also be discussed in the next day.

What is Cyber Forensic:- All the investigators have idea about scientific investigation in other type of regular life cases and so they have idea about forensic science but cyber forensic is a different field and I will discuss it later and this is also easy understandable if anyone wants to understand from the experience of daily life.

I hope this will help you my friend. So pl keep visit regular for its update.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Investigate Cyber Crime

Dear Friends,

Many of my friends of my profession request me to write something about " How to investigate Cyber Crime Cases " in a simple language so that everyone even a lay man can understand and it becomes helpful to the aged police personnel for investigating cyber crime cases. Now a days the police officers above 40+ get afraid during investigating cyber crime cases. I have experienced in my professional life that when a police officer of 40+ hears about cyber crime in Police Station label , he misguides the victim by saying that there is no infrastructure to investigate the case in PS label so advises the victim to go to specialized wing for lodging complaint.

That is why I have started to write on this topic for making it easy understandable to all the investigators even a going to be a retired police officer, who has minimum knowledge of using mobile phone.

That's all for today. Pl visit regularly for knowing step by step about how to investigate cyber crime related cases.

Expert police officers in this field are requested to share their experience here for helping other police officers and I hope my expert friends of this field will stretch their helping hand to me.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Identify 419 Scammers Phone

Hi Friends,
After long long and long interval I am again infront of you with a valuable information, which I have got from my friend of cyber crime investigation field, who gave me the link of "", and I am bringing this in front of you as this will help you a lot for identifying the 419 spammers. So here is the details of that information as published by that website.

Scam phone numbers in the United Kingdom (+44):

If an email mentions a UK phone number starting with +4470, it usually means that the sender of that mail is not in the UK at all and it is almost guaranteed to be a scam.

Usually the presence of a +44 70 number in a 419 scam email means you're dealing with criminals based in Nigeria who are using these numbers to make people believe they're dealing with someone legitimate who is in the UK instead of a criminal in an Internet cafe on a different continent.

Do not reply to any emails that mention +4470 phone numbers!
Never call such numbers!
Break off all contact with these people!

The scammer most likely is NOT based in the UK. +44 70 numbers belong to international call forwarding services. Their whole point is that people can reach the user of the number when he's not in the UK. These services make it possible for scammers to hide the fact that they are based in Nigeria or other countries in Africa, while the scam victim will believe they're dealing with someone in the UK. Very few (if any) legitimate individuals use these numbers. Banks, law offices, UK immigration officials, etc. never use +44 70 numbers because, since their offices are based in the UK, they have no need to redirect calls to their offices to so mobile phone outside the UK. We have not come across any legitimate UK businesses yet that use +44 70 numbers. Their only visible user base are scammers in Nigeria, South Africa and elsewhere. It is a perfect mystery to us why the UK authorities allow these services to continue operating despite them being used almost exclusively by criminals.

UK phone numbers starting with '70' are "Personal numbering" in the "Find me anywhere" range. Charges for calls to these numbers are not distance-dependent. They can cost as much as UKL 0.50 (USD 0.90) per minute to call and can forward the call to virtually any phone number in the world. Forwarding numbers can be set up for free and completely anonymously via websites such as

So my friends be cautious about them and for more information in details about the spammers please visit here

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Trace/Search Stolen Laptop Part-3

Dear Friends,

In my earlier two parts (Part-1 and Part-2) I discussed about some important terms and logics behind my idea so that my friends can understand my point and they can enrich it with their valuable opinions. And in this third point I have started it as "How to find stolen laptop" as this will be helpful for law enforcing agencies and also other civilians.

So lets come to the original point.

I have already discussed in my earlier parts that laptop can't be traced like mobile phones by using its MAC number like IMEI in case of mobile but at the same time you have also learnt from there that MAC is an unique identifier and your duty is to note the MAC address in a separate place for your future need in case of laptop theft.

I think more or less 98% of laptop users go to internet and they use Antivirus for their Laptops and almost all the antivirus are updated through internet and not only that all the paid Antiviruses are either single user or a limited number of users, which means u can install that antivirus in either single machine or a limited number of machine and if the installation crosses the limit it stops to function in those systems/laptops. So I think now you have understood what I am going to say.
Yes my friend I am going to tell about the unique identifier of your laptop has already been registered in the server of your Antivirus during the time of activation and updatation in the net. There is another unique identifier in your laptop. That is hardware serial number and it can't be changed but you can't get it though any command except using tools/softwares like DEFT ,HELIX3 PRO and others and you can't get these easily. But your laptop manufacturer has this in their record. And I think this is also registered in the the server of your Antivirus.

So I want to say my Police friends that don't sent any request to the ISPs about searching of MAC of stolen Laptops in their network but you can send it to the Antivirus companies, who are running business in your country and in this case you must need support from your Government for passing legislation to compel Antivirus Companies to help police if they want to run their business in your Country and at the same time they must supply the hardware serial number of the laptop to their customers in the bill during selling the product.

And if this system is imposed in your state you need not to spend a single penny for using third party software like laptop tracker for tracking the stolen laptop as all the Govt. are liable to see the interest of their citizen and for this Govt. need not to pay a penny for you.

This was the technical part, which can help you but at the same time you can take help of this website. This is good effort of Quick Heal for the netizens.

Waiting for your comments and opinion on this.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Find The Stolen Laptop Part-2

Dear Friends,

In my earlier post I discussed about IMEI and MAC, the unique identifiers in favour of Mobile phones and Laptops as these are badly needed for searching in case of stolen or missing. MAC has two other names such as Physical Address and Network Interface Card address. The names itself are indicating its function.

In case of mobile it is easy but in case of Laptop its not easy as during communication through internet the ISP receives the MAC address or physical address of last router (It has also MAC or Physical Address or Network Interface Card address) through which the laptop is connected in internet and this is hardly possible to be the MAC of laptop as most of the laptops are connected with internet through data card or company's router or something else like this. As this thing happens as per logic of TCP/IP and practically in networking so the Internet Service Providers can not keep the MAC of laptop and as a result they can't search us like IMEI searching in case of mobile phones.

So what should we do for searching our stolen laptop? Most of the persons will advice to go to police for reporting and police will try to find out through source engaging and the tech savvy persons will advice and take initiative to install laptop tracker softwares in their system by purchasing softwares and they will do their business.

But don't you think that police should also think through some innovative ideas for tracing the laptop by using technological common sense? Yes police should do and in this case Govt. should come forward for the sake of her citizen as Govt. can't force you to purchase 3rd party softwares as they are also liable for your safety and security and they have also some power to pass the legislation in their country. And what the legislation is? Will discuss you in next part after discussing the actual procedure for finding the laptop.

To be Part-3..

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Trace Stolen Laptop Part-1

My Dear Friends,

Hope all of you are well and were well for the last few moths when I was away from you due my other official jobs.
In my daily work I get different type of cyber crime related complaints and other complaints, which are related to daily life and there I used to get complaints like Mobile Phone theft and Laptop theft. In case of mobile theft its easy to trace out the mobiles than the Laptops.

Why easy?

The reason is the Mobile Phones are traced by us through IMEI numbers searching with the help of Mobile Service Providers and this is also possible if mobile phone tracker software is installed in that phone. During purchasing mobile phones the seller note on their bill the IMEI or ESN number of that mobile. But in case of Laptop/Notepad MAC address is needed for searching the laptop/notepad and here lies the problem as most of the laptop users don't know anything about MAC address and not only that the sellers of Laptop/Notepad does not note on their bill during purchase the MAC addresses of the laptop.

What is MAC address?

MAC address is the full form of Media Access Control. So it is the unique physical address of that part of laptop/notepad (i,e:- the media), which is used to for connecting the network. For knowing details about MAC address pl google it.

How to find MAC address?

Finding MAC address or Physical Address ( Another name of MAC address) is different on different operating systems so you are requested to visit here. and then note the MAC addresses in separate place as this will be required if your laptop is stolen.

Can MAC be Changed?

The answer is yes. So now you will definitely raise question to me that if it can be changed so why will you note this in separate place as the criminal may change it after stealing the laptop/notepad. There are many softwares who allow you to change the MAC address in upper layer but they cant change the original MAC address of the system and for doing a trial you pl use TMAC software as per your OS. They can change the MAC and even they can bring back the original MAC so original MAC cant be changed and thats my original point of discussion in Part-2

To be continued..............Part-2

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