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Cyber Stalking


Dear Friends,

You have learnt about Phishing, Email Spoofing, and danger from cyber pornography and now we are going to introduce another type of crime for which most of the women, who post their original picture in their profile, become victim in the internet but they don’t know what it calls in the world of cyber crime. It may happen to men also. Now we will introduce this to you.

Suppose you have got a message from someone in the internet by using abusive languages and he/she has also insulted, threatened and is harassing you continuously in the internet. This is called Cyber stalking. So cyberstalking can be defined as the repeated acts harassment or threatening behavior of the cyber criminal towards the victim by using internet services. This is an offence. This is expected to increase as computer as internet became popular. This may be online and offline. Majority of the stalkers are the dejected lovers or ex-lovers, who then want to harass the victim because they can’t get their desired one. Cyber stalking comes in the mind of offenders from the mentality of Harass to someone, Fascination (it begins from online romance and starts from rejection from lover), Revenge, Boasting or showoff.

Types of CyberStalkers:-

According to the studies conducted by experts in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit, the Cyber stalkers were classified into four categories. They are as follows:-

1) Simple Obsessional: - This starts from the person of prior relationship. In the world of cyber stalking this category rank 1st. Motivation behind it to compel the victim to re-enter in the relationship.

2) Love Obsessional: - No prior relationship is generally found under this category. The victim is known to stalker through media or perhaps through internet. In this case most of stalkers are found as a mental disorder person.

3) Erotomanic: - This is a different type cyber stalking, which generally comes from the end of female stalkers.

4) False Victimization Syndrome: - Here also majority of the perpetrators seem to be female and they just want to gain the sympathy.

(Sources are from different books)


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Modus Operandi Of CyberStalker

Secrets of Success of CyberStalkers

Dear Friends,

By seeing the heading of this writing you will tell us that Cyber Stalker are bad for the society so why you are writing this heading of your article. Yes you are right but our thinking is that we just want to bring you the facts about how they get success in their this type of criminal activity. They use different methods to persuade the victim. Our motive is to inform you the modus operandi of cyber stalkers, not to lead anyone and this is for knowledge purpose. They are as follows:-

Step 1: - They collect the entire personal information of their target. Name, family background, telephone number, mobile number, email address, daily routine of target, date of birth and his close friends are collected by them. Then they try to collect photograph.

Step 2: - Then they send email messages by providing this type of data from time to time for gaining confidence under the veil.

Step 3: - Then they try to build up relationship but when they are rejected from the target they start their operation.

Step 4: - They publish all the information of target in the net especially in some adult sites so that his/her target become target of others. They register in some adult pornographic web sites by putting the email address of victim for spreading it as all those are not secured.

Step 5: - They try to super impose the picture of the target and post it to the nude sites.

Step 6: - They the victim starts to get different type of phone calls and emails from different parts of the world, which makes his life horrible.

Step 7: - In spite of this if the victim does not feel harassment they engage third party for threatening him/her by sending emails or phone calls.

Step 8: - They create fake email addresses and send emails from them different times for keeping in touch with him/her for getting the update.

Step 9: - If they don’t get success finally they can reach to her house with some violent motive, as now he has become a psychiatric patient.

So friends be serious about the cyber stalkers and when you feel that the situation is going beyond control inform police and lodge a complaint for avoiding any untoward incident. Best of luck and our advise is “Don’t provide your personal information to any unwanted and unknown person”. We have discussed all these things for knowledge purposes so don’t misuse it. If anyone misuse it he will be solely responsible for his work. Our nest topic will be how to prevent cyber stalker.


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Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing

Dear Readers,

Now we are going to introduce another weapon of cyber criminals. It is email spoofing. Just think it that your post man has handed over you a letter, where you are seeing the sender’s address is UK but it has originally come from USA. Is it possible? You will say no it can’t be as the envelope will show all the seals of those countries through which the envelope has covered its route. Generally it happens and it is the rule.

But this thing happens in the world of internet and perhaps you have seen a movie Demi Moore and Michael Douglas was playing the roles and Demi Moore was sending him the email where there was no senders address. I can’t recollect the name of that film just now but it is a hit film and now think that some is sending email but in the place of senders name and address there is another from another country. This is called email spoofing. And you will get it in the email header file. Email headers are kept hidden. You have to trace the header file different manner in different email services, which will be discussed later on for you friends. Here with the help of some programs the criminal alters the header file to keep himself in disguise from the receiver of mail and they do so when they send spam mails, phishing mails or threatening mails. During sending reply of some emails if you see that the service provider such as Yahoo, Rediffmail, Google and so on is saying that the mail can’t be send then this was completely spoofing email for which you were sending reply.

In the corporate world this type of emails are very dangerous as the cyber miscreant may use the email id of head of HR of MD or CEO as sender’s address and send some dangerous type of emails to their subordinates and female employees or to any one in the society and this thing happened to a renowned company. (We don’t want to disclose the name) but they faced a huge retaliation. Spoofing anyone other than yourself is illegal in some jurisdictions. Even your opponent may send spoofed email by using your mail id. When any mail comes from an unknown mail id and asking your personal secured information then there is every possibility of a spoofed mail from the sender. So friends don’t get nervous but be cautious about spoofed emails.


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Comment on Kind attention


Dear Readers,
As per our promise we are again posting a valuable comment of Mr. Sitangshu

"I wanted to let your valuable readers get privy to some information that may help them to reduce "Credit card fraud where their credit cards are used for retail shopping".

In early Year 2000 American Express came out with a program called "Private Programs for Shopping", and later Citi Bank introduced the concept of "Disposable Credits Cards". In both these instances the "Credit Card Holder" is presented with a small "Software" that uses a "Random Number Generation Algorithm". This Software is available to the user (credit card holder) on a USB device that uses RSA encryption. Just before shopping the card holder inserts the device into her/his Computer or Mobile Device, and is asked to type in a password which is unique each time the device is used. The Device accepts the "Password", and then requests the card holder to input their "Credit Card Number, expiration date, and CVV number". When the card holder does that she/he is presented a randomly generated NEW CREDIT CARD NUMBER with the same expiration date and different CVV number. This new Credit Card Number is a "Virtual Number" that is valid only for this "Purchase or Transaction". It will be useless after this transaction.

The Card holder then proceeds to the Merchant Site and makes her/his purchases online using this "New Virtual Credit Card Number". The Bank (American Express or Citi) allows this card to go through. They can link this new "Virtual Card Number" to the original card. After this purchase is done, this "New Virtual Card Number" is made "Invalid - i.e, it cannot be used again".

This is a unique way to solve "Credit Card Fraud for Online Shoppers". Even if the "New Virtual Card Number is Stolen" it cannot be used.

I have in fact used this mechanism for "online Purchases in the USA". Works very effectively.

In fact I wrote a "Whitepaper" where I suggested combining this technique with RFID as a "Secure Retail Solution" for Indian Shoppers. The RFID chip will contain Card Holder Biometrics together wih the "Credit Card Virtualization Software". Users (Card Holders) will never lose any sleep doing "Online Shopping".

Warm Regards
PS: Love your Blog and will keep posting more ideas in the future..

June 27, 2009 6:59 AM

Thanks to you Mr. Sitangshu

Reader Comment


Readers Valuable Comment on Cyber Pornography
Dear Readers
We promised that we would post the valuable commands of our reader in our blog so that every can read it and know it.
This is the comment of Mr. Sitangshu

"Thanks for giving us valuable information on "Child Pornography", and "Laws to fight Pornography" in various countries.

I wanted to present some interesting statistics on this subject for your readers:

Pornography Time Statistics (As of 2006)
Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography

Every second - 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography

Every second - 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines

Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States

Another interesting comment:

Countries where Laws against Pornography are strictest, the revenue from Pornography is highest. China has the strictest Pornography laws in the world including "Execution", yet has the highest revenue from Pornography - a whopping 27 Billion Dollars annually, followed by South Korea, Japan, United States and Australia.

Another interesting statistic:

The Pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink

And finally: As an IT specialist having over 28 years experience in the Industry in many countries, I know for certain that the best "Software Developers" are those who have built porn sites. In fact all new trends in "Software Development" first show up in Porno films.....

Finally an important point and fact:

In general all countries ban "Child Pornography", and all countries barring a few allow people (adults) to possess Pornographic Material, but do not allow unlicensed sale. Selling is "unlawful".

Thanks for the wonderful blog. Keep writing

June 27, 2009 6:24 AM

Thanks to you Mr Sitangshu for enriching us.We hope please keep in touch with our blog and give your valueable comments.

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Cyber Pornography and Virus

Cyber Pornography and Virus

Hi Dear Readers,

We have discussed a lot about cyber Pornography, its impact on society, and what are laws of different countries to combat with cyber pornography and what their notion about cyber pornography. All the cyber pornography lovers spent a lot to enjoy the same for downloading their choice able movies and some of their links are free and some are payable. The links which are payable they are either through Credit Card or Pay Pals Account or something else for which you will have to disclose your secret information regarding money transfer and all we know that most of those websites are not under SSL i.e.:- secured socket layer that means the web sites are not secured to share economic information in spite of that you will tell us “what does it come to you? Its our matter and only personal matter and we believe them.” O.K friends its all right, its upto you but do you know that your downloadable .zip and .rar files of porn movies carry viruses, which are installed automatically when you click for download and they can steal your personal data, banking information, username passwords, your own picture, even it can crash your system and destroy your all data, which have been and so on, which can send you to the life of Nightmare, as you may be put behind bar for doing some illegal works without your knowledge. Yes it is. It happens and that is why our article is for you. This article will tell you how virus comes through cyber pornography. For your information we are telling you a true incident of the year 2003 that A man accused of storing child pornography on his computer has been cleared after it emerged that his computer had been infected by a Trojan horse, which was responsible for transferring the images onto his PC.

Here are the examples of some viruses related with cyber pornography.

1) According to Micro World, (Trojan) changes Internet settings on the affected computer. The default home page in Internet Explorer is changed to It also adds a range of porn sites and bogus drug sites in the favorites folder and makes changes in the Windows registry to activate the Trojan at the system start-up.

2) Porno-Trojans can lead an infected computer to child pornographic sites, accessing which is a criminal offense in many countries.

3) Now days the most dangerous is Pornware which can be installed on the host machine with malicious intent, via operating or browser vulnerabilities, or by using Trojan-Downloader or Trojan-Dropper programs. This is usually done in order to cause advertisements for pay pornography sites or services to be displayed - sites and services that the user would not have found on his / her own.

4) Browser hijacking programs are also installed through porn download and these programs can redirect users to pornographic websites.

5) Trojans often use a technique known as social engineering to trick Web surfers into downloading them onto their computers. If a surfer visits a pornographic Web site infected with the Trojan, she will be greeted with a message stating that a special video codec is required to view free videos. A codec is a program used to encode and decode digital information so that it can be viewed only by those with permission to do so. If the surfer proceeds with the installation, the Trojan downloads to her computer with the ability to manipulate that computer's Domain Name System (DNS) server, which is then used to look up the correspondences between domain names such as and the IP addresses of Web sites and other Internet services. From then on, cyber criminals can hijack that infected computer, redirecting Web surfers from legitimate Web sites to those designed to steal Social Security, credit card or other personal information.

For getting rid of these we can use some good value antivirus program and updated browsers. So be alert and keep yourself updated with antivirus programs and use new version of browsers.


urproblemmysolution team

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weapons to combat cyber pornography

Weapons to Combat Cyber Pornography

Dear Readers

In our last article we brought before you about what is going with cyber pornography but now we will share with you about the weapons of different countries for fighting against cyber pornography. Some countries does not bother about cyber pornography with adults and some treats it very seriously even they block the pornographic web sites in their country. We can say that what is acceptable to one but non-acceptable to others. Before starting it is needless to say that all the countries are preventing those under the legal age (for most this means a minor under 18 or 21) from accessing pornographic content. So lets start about the legal sides of different countries against cyber pornography. (Source are different web sites and books).

1) USA: - With the exception of child pornography, the legal status of Internet pornography is still somewhat unsettled. If a local community determines a pornographic work to meet its standard for obscenity then it could be banned. This means that a pornographic magazine that might be legal in California could be illegal in Alabama. The first attempt to regulate pornography on the Internet was the federal Communications Decency Act of 1996. Another act intended to protect children from access to Internet pornography was the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) of 2000. The production of sexually explicit materials is regulated under 18 U.S.C. 2257.

2) UK: - The sale or distribution of hardcore pornography through any channel was prohibited until the rules were relaxed in 2000, however the rules are still quite strict . The possession of pornographic images for private use has never been an offense in the UK. This means that UK citizens have always been able to access content on sites overseas without breaking any laws, except for child pornography.

3) Australia: - Since January 1999, internet pornography considered offensive or illegal has been subject to a statutory scheme administered by Australia’s media regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Internet pornography will be ‘prohibited’ by ACMA if certain classification thresholds are met. These thresholds form part of the National Classification Scheme (which also applies to other forms of media such as publications, films and video games) and are agreed by the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth, States and Territories.

4) Israel: - Internet pornography is allowed in Israel. Actors must be at least 18 years or older. Before 1996, this age was 16 years or older.

5) Indonesia: - law books of Indonesia KUHP (Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Perdata) article number 282 said that "it is forbidden to spread a pornographic content"

6) Hong Kong: - Pursuant to the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (Cap 390), it is an offence to publish an obscene article. Publication covers distribution, circulation, selling, hiring, giving, or lending the obscene article.

7) Germany: - Germany Passes Legislation to Block Child Pornography. On 18th June of this year Parliament passed the legislation, by a vote of 389 to 146.

8) Egypt: - Lawyer Nizar Ghorab (Ghorab translates to Crow in Arabic) filed a lawsuit calling for banning porn sites because they destroy the core values of the Egyptian society. The Administrative Court in Cairo ruled in his favor.

9) Japan: - Section 175 of the Japanese Criminal Code prohibits the distribution and exhibition of obscene "pictures" and "documents" in public. A violation of this section can be punished by prison terms of up to two years or fines of up to 2,500,000 yen (about 21,000 dollars).

10) India: - India has very strict laws about this. They have IT Act 2000 and IPC for combating with cyber pornography.

11) Philippines: - The Philippines has no laws against cyber pornography.(

So readers are requested to raise voice if this is misused.


Urproblemmysolution team

Cyber Pornography

Cyber Pornography

Hi Friends,

Now we are going to post the most sensitive and most vast viewing disputed and most discussed topic in our blog. Our heading has already told you what we are going to discuss. Yes it is nothing but Cyber Pornography. It can make someone’s life hell and give someone immense pleasure. The moto of our posting is not showing you any pornographic posting but to tell you what is happening in this world behind cyber pornography. Pornography is restricted in some countries but at the same time it is well accepted in most of the countries. When the two adults persons who enjoy sex and record their sexual activity through movie camera its not offence and when the upload it in the internet with intentionally in the adult sites its not offence but when sexual activity was intentional but upload was not intention from each end its an offence.

Its no matter what you are doing in your personal life but it matters when it is affecting others life. We are seeing in most of the sex blogs are posting scandals and we think in most of this postings either both the party engaged in sex are not aware of this posting or the lady or the man does not know that their recorded sexual activity has been uploaded in the internet and in this field we think this is crime in the whole world. So we must think for them whose lifes are going to hell in the society for uploading their sexual activities and we think that there is no strong law in the world to stop this and if it had then the sexual activities of celebrities would not come in the internet so smoothly but in some countries like India if any complaint is received from any involved person it is taken seriously and the accused get strong punishment. Even few days ago an Indian doctor was convicted for posting the nude picture of his patient in the internet and it is punishable u/s 67 I T Act 2000.

The web sites like , , and are making hell the life of many couple and many women as they has special respect in the society . The couples who are posting this in the blog intentionally then don’t think that their son or daughter may see this in the future as it will not be wiped out from internet as there are many websites who share the same content after stealing it from others. So its our request to all of the couples be cautious though its your personal matter but whenever you fill that your sexual act with your partner has come to the internet then lodge a complaint before your local police station and let the police do their act and if you feel ashamed then one day it will be the viewing subject of your relatives or the product of your own blood (your son/daughter).

Now we come to the point of Domain Name System. During registering the websites in pornography the owner of the website even does not pay respect to the God/Goddess of a country There are many pornographic websites in the world which is running in the name of God even the ICANN or any Govt. does not care for this. As a reference we can take the name of . We think we must not hurt any community by naming in this way. In this website we will see the obscene picture of Lord Shiva. So its our request to all of our reader please raise your voice to stop this kind of naming.

Finally we will tell you that the whole world has taken special care about child pornography and so far our knowledge goes and this is very good for the society as it is strictly restricted all over the world and there are many incidents of punishment to the offenders on this crime even we think most the countries keep special vigil in the cyber pornography for restricting the child pornography. So far we have given you the overall view of cyber pornography and in our next posting we will discuss about the legal aspects of cyber pornography.


Urproblemmysolution team

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Story on Phishing

Case History of Phishing with True Story

Dear Friends,

We promised you that we will produce an article before you about a true story of Phishing and how victim was tapped by the Phishers and how much amount he lost and what was the family status of the victim. In this case the names and original addresses of victims are kept in secret but their family status is very high profile. It is a joint bank account of a well known Private Bank of mother and son. Mother is a retired System Administrator of a bank and son is a young highly qualified educated person from a world famous Management Institution. They used the net banking system both by using separate user name and password for the same account.

How were they tapped by the phisher? The phisher/hacker/cybercriminal sent a phishing mail to the son’s e-mail id for updating his net banking data by saying that if he does not update the same his net banking system will be disabled and the that very well educated son updated it which resulted a loss of Rs. 175,000/- to them and they learned it after three days about the loss.

What the Phishers did? They transferred the above amount to another person’s savings account with a branch of that bank in a separate state and he was then asked by SMS through internet to withdraw that amount through ATM and there after deposit to another separate bank account of different branch and those persons in whose account the amount were deposited they were also asked to do the same after deducting their commission and finally the amount was withdrawn by an unknown person and transferred to Nigeria.

I think now you are thinking the persons in whose account amount was transferred and deposited are the racket members or gang members of these cybercriminals. Yes we also thought so but during the course of investigation it has come into light that those persons got appointment through internet from outside of India as a collection agent of a foreign bank, in exchange of fat salary and commission as per deposit to their accounts.

In this case we will now tell you step by step how the Hackers/Phishers got success:-

Step 1- The criminals sent spam mails to a bulk of netizens by offering false appointment as a collection agent of a bank. This mail was carrying a hidden program with auto run system and the activity of that program (spyware: - Pl. read the article about Weapons of cybercriminal) was to read the mail box of recipients and send those addresses to the hacker/phisher.

This mail was sent from America by using satellite phone

Step 2- Now they asked the willing persons who wants to be an employee to open a savings bank account with specific private foreign bank having ATM facilities as they target renowned foreign bank account holders. The agreed persons did those according to the Phishers.

This mail was sent from America

Step 3- When they found any mail address about a bank of the recipient in their address book then they used the software of email spoofing (Pl. read the article about Weapons of cybercriminal) for sending mail to them as if it has come from his bank for updating the net banking system by using Pharming (Pl. read the article about Weapons of cybercriminal) tool.

This mail was sent from America by using satellite phone

Step 4- Now they assured themselves about access to that account from the username and password, which they got through phishing mail, and got success.

This attempt was made from Philippines

Step 5- Now they added the savings account of their false employee to the victims account as third party approval and it takes minimum 9 to 24 hours to activate.

This attempt was made from Philippines

Step 6- Once it is activated they transfer the entire amount except minimum balance part by part to their false employee’s savings bank account during day time for completing the other transactions. They transfer that much amount, which a person can withdraw maximum from ATM.

This attempt was originated from Nigeria

Step 7- Now as per appointment terms and condition they sent SMS through internet by SMS spoofing to the said employee for withdrawing that amount from ATM and deposit it to another account and send the scan copy of deposit slip to their mail id as confirmation. This process continued to other false employees also. In the chain wise the amount finally deposited to a foreigners bank account, with fake names and address, and finally transferred to the hackers in Nigeria through money transfer agencies.

All the addresses we got from tracking the IP address of mails and net banking. In our next posting we will share with you how to get rid of from phishing mails.


Urproblemmysolution team


This is true story only for the educations of netizens so it’s a request don’t follow this way. This is a completely criminal offence if anyone does so he will be liable for that.