Friday, July 6, 2012

God Particle and Dispute

Dear Friends,

      Today when I was chatting with my friend Dr. Sitanshu Ray, an eminent technologist in my eye he wrote me about his view to me and then I thought this should be shared with you as this is great and true. So here is the content of his view within the quote: -

"Dear Sir,
This Topic/Subject is at the core of my desires in this life.
I want to connect Ancient Indian Knowledge, which I fondly call "The Wisdom of the Ages", to Modern Science and Technology.
What is sadly happening is that, mankind is trying to discover through science what we already knew thousands of years ago.
This is man's nature. He first creates, and then destroys, and tries to recreate again. Man is destructive in nature as opposed to all other forms of life.
Lord Macaulay, British Viceroy to India, here in Calcutta, said on the floor of the Parliament on Feb 2nd, 1835, "Indian culture and its ancient wisdom rooted in the Vedas, must be destroyed to rule and destroy Indian Civilization." And the British did that.
Today, they are discovering the "GOD PARTICLE", which scientists now agree is the basis of creation. This is mentioned clearly in the RIG VEDA, that GOD exists in everything, and everything exists in GOD. 
The mistake that scientists are still making is that they call this a GOD PARTICLE. GOD is not a PARTICLE.
He is OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT and OMNICIENT. We all exist in HIM and HIM in all.
Unless Science accepts this, we will make no progress. Science is slow, and uses pathways that make people tired.
I have always maintained that INSTINCT and INSPIRATION are faster and more important than INTELLECT and THOUGHT.
Unfortunately, the Western World taught us Science through Intellect and Thought. That is why we keep going in circles and never manage to solve problems wholistically.
For example - After so much progress in the field of Medical Science, all the major deseases of the world like Cancer, Diabetes, Mental illnesses etc. are on a rise. Diabetes, which was supposed to be a desease of the old now happens to kids. It is called "Juvinile Diabetes".
So, what is the point of all this progress in Medical Science.
Same way - we created the Internet. Now it is a tool in the hands of Criminals.
Yesterday, I met the Head of the "BABA LOKENATH DIVINE MISSION" - Baba Suddhananda Brahmachari".
He and Mithun Chakraborti's Sister used to visit me in the US. I used to raise money for the mission way back in 1990. I met him after 18 years yesterday. It was sheer pleasure. And he said the same thing about Science. He recently wrote a book called "Your Mind is your Best friend". It is a best seller, that was highly appreciaed by President Kalam. He says similar things in the book, that I keep talking about.
US officials dubbed me mad, told my friends and family that I have gone mad, and destroyed my life because I said these things.
But TRUTH always triumps. And Indian Civilization will triump again.
Have a Blessed day :)"

Then I appreciated his noble view. In reply he flourished himself again within the quote : - 

Dear Sir,
Thank you for appreciating the mail.
I truly believe in the existence of GOD. My Mother Died in December 2005 when she arrived in the USA. I told my boss at that time, when I heard that she was coming to the US, via Kuwait, that I feel instinctively that someting terrible will happen.
After a week I got a call from my Eldest Sister (who I hate), that my Mother has passed away two days ago.
They took 2 days to decide to tell me that my Mother has passed away. This is how I was tortured through the years in the US. And my instinct was correct.
My Mother though illiterate was highly knowledgeable about the Vedas, Bhagwat Gita, that she read all day long.She told me from childhood that GOD exists in everything, Animate (Living with conciousness) and Inanimate(Living and not dead but without conciousness). So I must appreciate everything that the Lord has provided for us including humans, animals, plants and inanimate things like sand, soil, wood etc. etc.
That is what GOD particle is all about. This particle creates a field called the Higgs-Boson field where energy gets converted to matter. That is how the Universe got created after the Big Bang. This Field exists all around us and inside our bodies. This field creates Conciousness and Instinct in us.  
Animals have instinct, so do humans when they are born. But as we proceed through life the current Western way of Education, our instinct gets eroded and we believe our Intellect gets amplified. Animals on the other hand amplify their instincts as they get older. That is why, during the last Tsunami where 400,000 people died, not a single animal died. They instinctive knew that the Tsunami is approaching and went to higher grounds escaping death. 
Intellect is Human and comes from the Brain. Instinct is DIvine and comes from the Mind. Mind is actually the seat of the GODHEAD, Lord Krishna.
Krishna means - Black. 96 % of the universe is Black. We cannot see it nor can we measure it. We can only feel it. The Universe is full of Black Bodies, where the Gravitational pull is so vast, that even light cannot escape from it. All that is Lord Krishna.

Mind control is only for people who have a very High Sense of Alertness, and who are Highly Inspired. I'm glad to say that you belong to that class of people.
Highly Alert, meaning highly conscious people, who see more, and can solve problems instantly. This is a requirement of all Law Enforcement Officers. For example - They will instinctly know if a person is a criminal. Then they work backwards, to find reasons why they feel that a particular person is a criminal. Because without reasons no one will believe you.
Einstein came out with the theory of Relativity in 1905, but it took him 16 years and development of Integral Calculus to prove to the Scientific community that his theory is accurate.
The same was the case with Newton. He instinctively knew that "His theory of Gravitation" was correct, but it took him about 7 years and development of Differential Calculus to prove to the Scientific Community that he was write.
Actually Gravitation is God. Its exists everywhere - in our Universe and millions of other Universes. Without Gravitation, life is not possible. We would simply fly away into vacuum in space without it.
I can go, on and on and on....and people might suspect I'm mad.
But I INSTINCTIVELY know that I'm correct, and science will Gravitate (move towards God) towards our Vedas and Scriptures one day.
Have a wonderful weekend :)"
I think this will be interesting to you.

Waiting for your comments for his noble and great thought.

Thanking you,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stolen Computer Can Be Traced Finally

Dear Friends, 

 After long and long time I m again infront of you with my blog with a creative idea. This time I thought I have got success to tell you the way to trace the stolen Laptop/Computer. I belief this is the only way for the Law Enforcing Agencies ( Police ). Perhaps you are thinking I am telling about any product to purchase and install, which will work even after format as it works on firmware level. But that is not the fact here. As a member of LEA I can't say about any product it is just logic based. Earlier I already discussed about how to recover stolen laptop in three parts for making clear my friends about my logic and it got stamped in my mind when I had an opportunity to attend two seminars in New Delhi ( Seminar on 5th ASSOCHAM International Conference on Cyber & Network Security ) at Hotel Le Meridien and the other in Kolkata at Hotel Golden Park ( Seminar on Green Computing and Cyber Security )arranged by NCS Computech Ltd with their other partners.

 In the New Delhi both Symantec and Kaspersky antivirus companies were the partners and in Kolkata conference man from Quick Heal Mr. Manohar was the principal person in the entire interactive session. So I took the chance in both the place to interact with them in one to one situation. I told my idea to them and learnt from them how they maintain their database in case of free antivirus service for a limited period and for the limited number of licences. I told you earlier in my other articles about this that no Internet Service Provider can help us in case of detecting/recovering stolen laptop and only the antivirus companies can help us to solve this problem. I asked all of them the same question and in reply they told " We keep the three identifiable unique numbers of a system when the person install their products in his system and we keep all of those in our database as generally a person can't change all those three at a time and if it is done the person will change his laptop or computer. " Now the question is what are those unique identifications. I asked them about this. They replied MAC id of LAN and another MAC id if it is and Hardware id. 

So I asked them " If I install your free version by connecting to internet my Laptop/PDA/Computer with bluetooth or wifi or data card how will you get my LAN MAC id." In reply what I learnt that in the antivirus installation program there are programs, which are called MAC id and Hardware id extractor and that helps them to get the LAN MAC id and Hardware id. So I asked them again " Can we send you the request for searching stolen laptop with the help of those in your database ? And can we know that from which IP address with date and time it was activated again or updated again ? " In reply I learn it is very much possible as all those things are part of their database. So finally my suggestion to all the persons, who use computer/laptop/PDA in the internet please keep this unique identities in your personal database, which is definitely in pen and paper. This will be required to supply to the LEA for searching your stolen or lost laptop with the help of antivirus companies. LEAs are requested to send the request to the antivirus companies like stolen mobile searching request to mobile service providers. 

Now the question is how you will get your hardware id and MAC id. About getting the MAC id I wrote it earlier in my other articles about how to trace stolen laptop here but for getting the hardware id please Google it and its a very small size program. Over this Quick Heal Antivirus Companies has started a good job by providing a service through their The interested persons can also get their MAC id extractor from here. Thanks to quick heal for their this kind of support even to the non quick heal users. 

 My friends I hope this will help you and I think finally I have got the way to trace the stolen laptop without using any third party software, which is available in the market. And this was my research for the last 3 years about how to search a stolen laptop without using any third party laptop tracker and what should be the role of LEAs to help their citizens. If Govt. of each country creates pressure upon the antivirus companies this will not be the problem for both the LEA and Citizens to get this facility. This is the duty of the antivirus companies to help the nation where they are doing their Billion $ business. 

There is another way of searching stolen laptop. That is with the help of original operating system like Microsoft's products. The OS activation key may help us to find out the stolen laptops/others as all the originals OSs ( Not open Source ) are updated on the net and from which IP addresses these are updated this must be kept by the service providers. This also requires a Govt. interference for passing a regulation for pressurizing the operating system ( Not open Source ) developers. I don't know whether US Govt. has done so and if they do this Microsoft will definitely help the LEAs in this field. I contacted with then but no fruit full result has yet got from them. In this case the laptop thief if formats the computer it will not be possible for Microsoft like other OS developers to get the data in the net with a particular activation key. I think this is also clear to you. 

 Waiting for your comments for implementing this in every countries of the world. 

 Thanking you,

 Sujit Mukherjee

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book on Cyber Crime Protection and Investigation

Dear Friends,

After long long interval I have come to you with a good news. A new book named as "Your Ultimate Cyber Crime Protection Guide" written by Sitanshu Mohan Ray (An educationist and experienced corporate person), Sri Bivas Chatterjee (An experienced law professional) and me. This book is written for upcoming Cyber Crime Investigators and netizens, who become victim due to their ignorance, as in this book we tried to write about different types of cyber crimes, how they are committed by cyber criminals (modus operandi)by using different types of tools and what to do when you are a victim and an investigator with real life case studies.

This book is designed with following chapters ; -

1. What is Cyber Crime
2. Important Technical Terminologies (What we must know and why)
3. Weapons of Cyber Criminals
4. Types of Cyber Crime (Different types of Cyber Crime and what to do when u r victim and when you are investigator)
5. Credit Card and Cyber Crime
6. Web Hacking
7. Cryptography
8. Futuristic Crime (Mind Control)
9. Cyber Laws of Different Countries
10. Social Networking Site bane or boon
11. Search and seizure

This book speaks about mind control and psychotronic tortures (Brain Hacking) and also laws about cyber crime around the world. We hope this will help the netizens. This will be available from the last week of this month.

This book will be available from the 1st week of February through the sites noted on cover page.

Thanking you,