Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Write and lodge Complaint in Cyber Crime Cases

Dear Friends/Colleagues

Due to lack of time I could not reach to you with my next topics. So again I have come to you with an important topic on cyber crime investigation i.e:- how to write complaint as victim in cyber crime cases. I feel this topic important as most of the cases get hampered due to weak complaint.

Generally in regular life netizens become victim in cyber crime cases as a victim of cyber stalking ( Fake profile in any social networking site or adult site for more pl search this blog on cyber stalking), online cheating through lottery, uploading personal intimate videos by someone in the net or something else.

So, when you are victim of these type of cases or any type of cyber crime related cases, take the print screen of those pages and copy the exact link which shows your profile only and also link of that page which shows your profile with others. Take the printout of those print screens.

If it is through any email take the entire print out of that email with its header file and attach it with your complaint.

There after lodge your complaint with those evidences to the Cyber Crime Police Station or nearby police station, where cyber crime police station does not exist. So this is not tough to understand and this will also help my colleagues to take complaint from victims in right manner. But if the complainant comes after lodging complaint to the website service provider for deactivating the link without copying the link address and the link becomes inactive, it could not be traced and it becomes next to impossible for LEAs to trace out the perpetrator until and unless you get the cached copy from Google or any other search engine.

With Thanks