Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to stop Credit Card Fraud Physically

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After long interval I am going to post a valuable comment of one of my valuable reader for you about how to stop Credit Card fraud physically i.e from clonning or skimming. Here it is for you:-

Sitanshu said...
Dear Sujit,

I wanted to post an article on countering Counterfeit Credit/Debit Card Fraud.

A world class security expert Mr. Tom Patterson has developed a technology that will stop Counterfeit credit/debit card fraud. The technology uses the fact that the Magnetic Sripe on a card is unique like DNA. No two cards have the same microstructure on the magnetic stripe.
MagTek Inc. where Mr. Patterson is the CSO has used this fact to combine the Personal Data of the Card holder and the uniqueness of the Magnetic Stripe holding that data to create a unique DIGITAL ID for each card holder. This way even you duplicate someone's card the Duplicate Produced will never match the original card's digital signature created by this Technology. The Technology is called "MagnePrint".

As long as any card uses Magnetic Stripe on the back using standard format (3 Lines) is concerned this technology will counter duplication. The Technology could be used for "Driver's License", "Credit Cards", "Debit Cards", University Exam Cards etc. It is cheaper than RFID and very very easy to use.

Hope your viewers will enjoy the article.

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Sitanshu Ray

He also sent me a link from you tube about credit card skimming. I checked it and for that I would request you to visit the link and enjoy the video in the following link

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