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Unsecured Wifi and we---------Part-4

What is history behind 802.11 in wifi

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So far you have spent your time by reading the three parts of this topic and at this stage I should tell you an interesting history behind this wifi. You have seen some numbers in the articles of my friend Sudipta and some of my friends may have thought that why those numbers are used here. Now I will tell you that thing. So pl read it.

We often hear words, tongue twisting Acronyms for Terms and Terminologies in the world of Computers and other related Technologies. Often these words and numbers do not seem to have any meaning. But they ALWAYS DO…..

Since this series of postings are on the Topic of “Wi-Fi Networks” , you hear the read about the number and letter string 802.11x all the time. Here is the History behind it.

The first meeting that IEEE held for “Network Communication Standards” was in – February of 1980. Therefore, the Working Group Committee for Network Communication Standards was given the number 802. Thereafter, a Subgroup number 11 was assigned for “Wireless Network Communication Standards”. That is the history behind 802.11 naming standard.

After this there have been several Wi-Fi Network Communication Standards. These standards were assigned letters “a”, “b”, “c”, and so on all the way to “m”. That is how you get 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11c …..802.11m

This is little trivia behind 802.11 xs.

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