Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Find The Stolen Laptop Part-2

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In my earlier post I discussed about IMEI and MAC, the unique identifiers in favour of Mobile phones and Laptops as these are badly needed for searching in case of stolen or missing. MAC has two other names such as Physical Address and Network Interface Card address. The names itself are indicating its function.

In case of mobile it is easy but in case of Laptop its not easy as during communication through internet the ISP receives the MAC address or physical address of last router (It has also MAC or Physical Address or Network Interface Card address) through which the laptop is connected in internet and this is hardly possible to be the MAC of laptop as most of the laptops are connected with internet through data card or company's router or something else like this. As this thing happens as per logic of TCP/IP and practically in networking so the Internet Service Providers can not keep the MAC of laptop and as a result they can't search us like IMEI searching in case of mobile phones.

So what should we do for searching our stolen laptop? Most of the persons will advice to go to police for reporting and police will try to find out through source engaging and the tech savvy persons will advice and take initiative to install laptop tracker softwares in their system by purchasing softwares and they will do their business.

But don't you think that police should also think through some innovative ideas for tracing the laptop by using technological common sense? Yes police should do and in this case Govt. should come forward for the sake of her citizen as Govt. can't force you to purchase 3rd party softwares as they are also liable for your safety and security and they have also some power to pass the legislation in their country. And what the legislation is? Will discuss you in next part after discussing the actual procedure for finding the laptop.

To be Part-3..

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