Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book on Cyber Crime Protection and Investigation

Dear Friends,

After long long interval I have come to you with a good news. A new book named as "Your Ultimate Cyber Crime Protection Guide" written by Sitanshu Mohan Ray (An educationist and experienced corporate person), Sri Bivas Chatterjee (An experienced law professional) and me. This book is written for upcoming Cyber Crime Investigators and netizens, who become victim due to their ignorance, as in this book we tried to write about different types of cyber crimes, how they are committed by cyber criminals (modus operandi)by using different types of tools and what to do when you are a victim and an investigator with real life case studies.

This book is designed with following chapters ; -

1. What is Cyber Crime
2. Important Technical Terminologies (What we must know and why)
3. Weapons of Cyber Criminals
4. Types of Cyber Crime (Different types of Cyber Crime and what to do when u r victim and when you are investigator)
5. Credit Card and Cyber Crime
6. Web Hacking
7. Cryptography
8. Futuristic Crime (Mind Control)
9. Cyber Laws of Different Countries
10. Social Networking Site bane or boon
11. Search and seizure

This book speaks about mind control and psychotronic tortures (Brain Hacking) and also laws about cyber crime around the world. We hope this will help the netizens. This will be available from the last week of this month.

This book will be available from the 1st week of February through the sites noted on cover page.

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David Richy said...

This Book is really best knowledge provide about the cyber crime protection and investigation. Cyber crime is very risk full for every business and also.


Love your country said...

David, Thanks for comment.

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Jimmy Johns said...

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