Monday, March 8, 2010

How to trace email sender

My Dear Friends,
I discussed you earlier about many type of cyber crimes, where we become a victims, like phishing mail, spoof mail, threat mail, cyber stalking mail and so on. But my friends if we know the or trace out sender then we can take precautionary measures and at least we can help those police officers, who does not know any thing about finding the sender of the offensive mail.
So, let talk about that. Before finding out the sender we should find out the header file of the mail and I think you know to find out the header file of the mail. Then copy the header file of the mail and open the link
You will find a open box (Pl c the picture above) there and then paste that header file, which you copied earlier and now click on "Find Location" and now you will see the IP address of the sender and also the path through which it came to you.
Now you give the sender's IP to the Police for there enquiry or investigation. I think this will help you lot from the cyber criminals, specially those who make you fool by there phishing mails.

Here is Video Tutorial from other links and I thought it is helpful for everybody and thats why this for you.

Pl copy it and paste it on your browser and enjoy.

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advocate debarati said...

this again is a very useful tip

Jit Ray chowdhury said...

Well Gmail doesn't give out the IP address of the sender anymore as a privacy issue.

One thing that can be done in these issues is to send a mail back to the person using readnotify or spypig so that we could find out the all the IP addresses from where our reply mail was opened from.
Some people already know that I have recently use it in a case few days back.

Dengjong said...

Dear Jit,
Thanks for your comment and I expected this type of comment from someone.
1st of all I tell you yes gmail does not give the sender's IP and in that case the investigating agency take help directly from Google by asking logging details from them and there from the required action is taken, which I will not discuss it here but the gmail id can be traced easyly.
2nd thing I should mention here that I did not mention about that tool which you have noted here as these are ethical hacking tool and this thing should not be shared as this may be misused. Thanks again Jit.

Anonymous said...

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