Thursday, February 25, 2010

A HI-Tech Crime with Bank ATMs

My Dear Friends,
Now I am going to tell you another true story about a hi-tech crime by low profile criminals with bank ATMs. Perhaps you are thinking that I am going to tell you about ATM hacking by using spy cam of skimmer. No my friends I will not tell you that but I will tell you how the low profile criminals have discovered the vulnerability of bank ATMs, where you take out your ATM card after swiping it in the card reader. Now I will request you to take a careful look at the above picture and Now you will see three rounded unmarked keys and the criminals are using vulnerabilities of these three keys. Mainly they are using two keys by the both sides of 0 (zero) in the key board. Perhaps you are thinking what can they do with these two keys as they they are not usable. But my friends here is the vulnerability of the Bank ATMs. I don't want to discuss much more than this here as this may be misused by criminals.

Now I will tell how you are victimised in this ATM counter.

Step 1:- You have entered in the ATM room for withdrawing your money.
Step 2:- You have swiped your ATM card and taken it out from card reader.
step 3:- You have been asked to put your PIN number.
step 4:- You have given your PIN number but the monitor is not showing you the cross mark on the screen its invisible.
Step 5:- You will see your screen is dark and then you will be perplexed and think that the ATM machine is not functioning so you will come out and someone may request you to come out from there quickly as he is in hurry.
step 6:- That person will be able to withdraw money from there and in the mean time you have left the place already.
step 7:- you will find another ATM for your urgent withdrawal and there you will find that your balance has been deducted by rs. 10000 or 20000.

Now you will be surprised and contact with your bank and they will tell you yes you withdrew this amount as the system was showing the successful transaction and bank ATM authority has checked their physical balance, which also show the successful withdrawal.

Now what will you do?

You will go to police station and police will not believe it as I think most of the police personnel are not aware of this crime.

So you will have to remain cautious for this for saving your own hard earned money. So what will you do? If this situation (Step 4 and 5) comes to you in any ATM counter don't come out from that room (ATM Counter) stay there at least 10 minutes as your session is still pending there otherwise the miscreants will utilize your session and withdraw money from your account.

How they are I will not tell you this thing is happening and be cautious.

This is not cyber crime but this is a computer related crime and thats why I have told you. So my friends be cautious about these type of criminals and this is happening in the crowded places, where there is a huge ATM withdrawl everyday.

Disclaimer:- This is for awarness purpose if anyone misuses it he will be completely liable for this.

Thanking you,

Urproblemmysolution Team


advocate debarati said...

very very very interesting issue.I wud love to know more abt it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cyber Crime ~~ a fading light....the future stands with the in awaiting of a new kinda terror~~am upcomming catastrophic event now known as CYBER WAR...

are we prepared???the question in minds of every indian...the indian heart beats ....dhak dhak...but does the persons responsible for taking care hears it ???no ....they dont even pay heed to the boom booms made by the chinese hackers...stealing our countries confidential data...soon to make our life miserable..again the question is are we ready???

i say yes we are : ready to get kicked slapped coz we are not ready to face facts...not ready to adore & admit to the facts once uttered by our past gr8 leaders "The Best Man For The Job"
today senerio stays in order to protect your Maa ( our motherland)i need to have we say sh*t...we have the ability the power & the might to move & y the heck we are lying down....???think and answer....from your heart...