Saturday, June 12, 2010

The First Birth Aniversary of our Blog

To my Thousands of Readers and Commentators/Experts,

I, Sujit Mukerherjee, Adminstrator of this blog started this project a year ago solely for the purpose of making Netizens around the globe aware of the acuteness and seriousness of Cyber Crime that is pervading around us and spreading so quickly that it has become increasingly difficult for Law Enforcement alone to fight this menace. You Netizons have to fight too - almost on a daily basis. That was the reason for the birth of this Blog.

The Blog has received such a fantastic response - thanks to all of you who have contributed through articles and comments.

There is an important announcement to make. I started this Blog on the 12Th of June 2009, and four days later someone booked a domain by the same name - who has nothing todo with this Blog. Please ignore that domain.

"urproblemmysolution" is my brainchild and I wanted to extend this Blog later to a proper domain (dotcom), but that will not happen. Someone already booked that domain name. Please remember that the dotcom site has nothing to do with us. I will announce a domain name through this blog on a future date whenever I'm ready to move this blog to a proper domain name.

Till then please continue reading this blog and bless me with your valuable comments and articles - just as you have been doing so far.

Wishing this Blog a very happy Birthday and Thanking you profusely,

This is your Admin Sujit Mukherjee.....

PS: Today on the first Aniversary of this Blog I have given birth to another Blog that I'm sure will provide very interesting reading material for all of you.

Please await my first posting at

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