Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Investigate Cyber Crime (Part-2)

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In my last post I promised to continue this article in a simple manner and easy understandable language so that everybody even a going to be retired police officer can understand and my article becomes helpful to them to investigate the Cyber Crime related cases. My expert friends are requested to share there knowledge here for new cyber crime investigators, who thinks it difficult to investigate the cyber crime related cases.

So first of all I will tell them that don't get afraid by hearing a complaint from a victim about cyber crime as most of the complaint in the PS label are very easy to investigate. My friends, who can investigate murder cases, theft cases, cheating and other cases which are regular crime in our daily life and know what evidences should be collected from mobile number and device, can easily investigate cyber crime related offense. So just listen the complaint of a victim and give him/her a relief and don't say that you can't as that makes you inefficient before that citizen and in coming days in most of the cases computer or communication device will be part and parcel of the weapon of the criminal.

So my friends lets start from here. First of all I want to bring in your notice : -

What are the Basic Knowledge:-

1) You should know how to use mobile phone and what mobile phone does. ( I think all of us know this as this is part and parcel in all of our life as today a day labour also carry mobile phone with him)

2) Common sense of investigating other cases. ( All the police officers do have it)

3) To have a little bit knowledge in computer. ( I think this is also in possession with all of my friends)

4) A little bit knowledge about internet, email id, and how internet works. ( Some of my friends do have this but I will discuss it in my next article for those who does not have the knowledge and its very easy)

What are Cyber Crimes and how these are committed:-
This has already been discussed in my blog earlier but inspite of that I will discuss you serially as if you don't know the crime and modus operandi of criminals how you will solve the problem. In a sentence cyber crime is defined as " Any illigal act involving a computer, its systems, or its applications" by EC Council. Cyber Crime is intentional and not accidental.

How To Take Complaint from Victim:- It will also be discussed in the next day.

What is Cyber Forensic:- All the investigators have idea about scientific investigation in other type of regular life cases and so they have idea about forensic science but cyber forensic is a different field and I will discuss it later and this is also easy understandable if anyone wants to understand from the experience of daily life.

I hope this will help you my friend. So pl keep visit regular for its update.

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