Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Investigate Cyber Crime

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Many of my friends of my profession request me to write something about " How to investigate Cyber Crime Cases " in a simple language so that everyone even a lay man can understand and it becomes helpful to the aged police personnel for investigating cyber crime cases. Now a days the police officers above 40+ get afraid during investigating cyber crime cases. I have experienced in my professional life that when a police officer of 40+ hears about cyber crime in Police Station label , he misguides the victim by saying that there is no infrastructure to investigate the case in PS label so advises the victim to go to specialized wing for lodging complaint.

That is why I have started to write on this topic for making it easy understandable to all the investigators even a going to be a retired police officer, who has minimum knowledge of using mobile phone.

That's all for today. Pl visit regularly for knowing step by step about how to investigate cyber crime related cases.

Expert police officers in this field are requested to share their experience here for helping other police officers and I hope my expert friends of this field will stretch their helping hand to me.

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