Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Link of Identity Theft, Phishing and Cheating

My Dear Friends,

Now I am going to share you few live case studies,which I got for the last 6 months in the field of my daily work in investigating cyber crime related cases. I am sharing this real life stories with you as my moto of writing this blog is to make you aware about the cyber crime and keep you away from cyber criminals.

This is the crime of phishers in disguise of HR of a renowned company. Now read step by step what they are doing for cheating a person, who is in search of a job.

Step 1:- They are sending mails by offering a lucrative job to different persons, who had enlisted their names on online job searching portals, as an HR of a renowned company such as IBM, Videocon, Sony by creating false email id in the name of that company. Like:-, and so on.

Step 2:- Then the mail receiver is receiving the offer and communicating with them over a telephone number as provided by them.

Step 3:- They are claiming security deposit for that good job and asking them to deposit that money in the bank accounts as supplied by them. Thereafter they are telling them to send the scan copy to them to their email id.

Step 4:- They are stopping to communicate with the victim.

Now you will be perplexed to know that the victims are educated guys even the the experienced guys of IT sector. I am telling you about a girl from Cog....... company became a victim and came to me for lodging a complaint. I asked her about her qualification and what he told that seemed to me that she is educated with specialization in IT sector.

You will definitely call me so what this thing may happen to anyone but my friends you should keep in mind that an HR of a company like Sony will not have an email id of other domain i.e gmail or yahoo or rediff or others their email id must end with or some domain name which belongs to Sony. Its an example. So my dear friends before depositing any amount in any one's bank account pl verify the person who has sent you the mail as in most of the cases the address of phone numbers and bank account numbers are fake and they can't be traced.

So I would suggest you not to accept this kind of online offers until you are confirmed about the caller or sender and please find the original website of the employer company and make a communication with them to know the genuinity of your offer letter. I think now you will remain alert from this scoundrels and if you can't understand me pl mail me I will respond or comment here and I will respond.
Best of luck and be ahead and beware of phishers, who are stealing identity of another and cheating the educated job aspirants.

Thanking you

Love your Country.

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