Thursday, December 2, 2010

What are Different types of Phishing

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I had already discussed you a lot about phishing but I think I have made you clear about the meaning and style of phishing but now the time has come to tell you about different types of phishing. I think you are thinking about online lottery fraud, job offer fraud, and fund transfer fraud and so on but my friends it’s not like that. I am going to tell about “Old wine in new bottle”. What does it mean? It is the style of business men to bring their old product in new style and in some specific style. I did not mention it earlier as all of these are phishing but some of friends told me to write about these topics otherwise writing about phishing will be incomplete.
Initially all the experts in the cyber world called all these activities are phishing and as time moves the experts started to christen the name of style of phishing as follows:-

A) Spear Phishing: - This comes in the form email like updating banking password, email id password and so on but this kind of email comes to a specific group of persons like the employees of a company or a government organization or same group and so on. It seems that the mail has come from your employer for divulging important information.

B) Smishing: - This comes in the form of SMS message. Like your mobile number has won $5 bln in a lottery and you are requested to contact Mr. G…… in his email id a… and so on. And you are trapped.

C) Vishing: - This style of phishing happens through VoIP i.e:- Voice over Internet Protocol . Actually this is a combination of ‘Voice’ and ‘Phishing’. You are getting a net call from someone, who is asking you about your personal important information in the name of a company, where you have stake or you are a stake holder, employee or some other style. You will see an example of vishing in this blog here.

D) Whale-Phishing: - I think all of you know about whale. Whale is a big fish in the sea. So if you consider the net is a sea where we all are fish then if the phisher catches the most important person by his technique, he is a whale phisher. So I think you have understood about whale phishing. It’s a style of phishing where phisher targets the most important person of the concern like CEO of a company.

So my friends now you are clear about the types of phishing which are used to catch the netizens. Be cautious and divulge your personal information to him only, whom you trust after proper verification.

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