Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Avoid Keylogger

My Dear Friends,
I think all off you have got a good lesson from my last case study and every one is anxious about their net banking and even using their mobile phone. I am telling you one thing that after detecting this case when my friends and others knew the mode of operation of hackers they got scared when their mobile phones were not responding even after seeing the full signal tower on their phone.
But now I will tell you how to bypass the keylogger, which steals all of your keystrokes and even screen shots, in your computer for doing any net transaction or opening your official and very personal email id. Keylogger can be installed by remotely also and thats why this is very very dangerous for all as sometimes you can't fell its presence in your computer. So you can only get relief from keylogger if you install KeyScrambler in your Mozilla Firefox browser and don't forget to use Mozilla as your browser in case of secured net banking or opening email id as mozilla has all the qualities to give you security. You should know that even Virtual keyboard is now a days not out of danger from Keylogger
Now I will tell you how to install this add on on your browser. Open Mozilla browser ->Tool->Add on->Get Add on->write KeyScrambler->Browse and now you follow the direction. And now your key board is secured from Keylogger.
Please do this and get the result. Don't forget to say thanks.

Thanking you

Urproblemmysolution Team

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