Monday, February 15, 2010

What is New in Phishing

My Dear Friends,

I already brought before you different types of phishing earlier and all my writings were on the basis of originals facts, which happen in daily life, and these are not from any books or from any lectures or from those who don't do anything but shows that they do everything. So what I am going to bring before you a new type of phishing, which I detected after getting a information from someone.

This is actually Phishing in the form of Extortion. These type of mail goes to the renowned persons in the society. He may be a Doctor, businessman or any big corporate personality and in the place of sender's email id it will be a email id of an extremist group.

Now just have a look on the email id.,, and so on. Actually they are using the name of the extremist group of the target country for sending mail to their target persons and they are claiming money from them by telling that they had been appointed for killing him within a stipulated period and if he (the target) pays him a certain amount they will disclose him the name of that person and will not kill him but if the target does not pay they will kill him on that very day.

After getting the mail if the target person responses they will give him the account number and there after they will withdraw the money from their through ATM counter and the person in whose account the money will be deposited by the victim he is also a victim in this case as they are using his Bank Account like other phishing cases.

Now definitely you are thinking who is the culprit behind it. Yes my friend I think you are guessing about the right man. They are none other than the ...........
No no I don't want to tell the name of that Continent and that community people as they may say again we are. Really my cheat brothers I don't want to take your name here and thats why I am not telling. I hope one day you will come in the life of civilized society.

So my friends I will request you not to get affraid on these type of mails as these are phishing mails in the form of extortion and I will also request you to spread this news to all of your friends about this recent phishing mails.

Best of luck.

Thanking you,,

Urproblemmysolution team.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton! This cleared up some confusion for me!