Friday, August 28, 2009

Fake Antivirus

Fake Anti virus

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We think most of we love our PC or Laptop and for that we always want to keep our computer clean from all kinds of dangers and for that all the experts say that we should use Antivirus. So we think all of we know what is antivirus and what it does for our computer and as we all are afraid of virus both in human and computer life we always keep our self from viruses. For this two types of men in the world are running their business. One of them want to do good for us and the other person pretends to do good for us but actually they do nothing for us rather they causes harm to our both in economical and living age.

So now we thing you have guessed what we are going to say. Yes it is like fake medicine which does not work in your body but can cause harm to you and it happens to their life who are trapped by the dishonest businessman. So fake antivirus is that antivirus which comes to you in disguise of antivirus but work nothing for you installing Trojan, Spyware and Adware to your machine.

When you will understand its presence, what are the dangers and what to do?

When you see that a pop up is blinking in your screen that your machine/computer is infected by ………..viruses and for removing this virus you will have to install that particular antivirus as no other antivirus can remove this. Don’t be tensed just use your original updated antivirus and scan your machine and do nothing for that fake antivirus even don’t click on them

You see a pop up is blinking and asking you like “do you want to free scan your machine from viruses?”. Don’t do this as if you do that they will show you so many viruses had already been installed in your machine and the message like earlier noted and not only that if you do that they will install some viruses in our machine and for that you will have to either purchase their product or formatting your machine and during purchasing you will have to give them your credit card number which will be misused by them .

So when you get this type of message don’t get nervous just avoid them and don’t show your interest on them but by mistake if you click on them there is every possibility to install virus or Trojan or spyware or adware in your computer. So always keep your computer scanning regularly and update it regularly. Computer experts says this type of anti-viruses as “rogue antivirus” and this is the system the dishonest cyber businessmen and cyber criminals are applying this in the cyber world. So be cautious.

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