Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To Prevent Attack Of File Binding

How to prevent attack of file binding?

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We have told you what is file binding and now we are going to tell you how to prevent the attack of file binding as this will help you to know your file which you have collected from internet.

1. Always keep your anti virus updated.

2. Disable “ Hide Extension For Known File Types”

3. Use utility program like Registry Change Tracker.

4. Use a isolated folder in a different drive to stores downloads from internet

5. Always check the properties of the downloaded file before double click on it.

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Jit Ray chowdhury said...

It is always wise to check and downloaded exe that if they can be extracted by winrar, and if so then if it is supicious like it contains a small(size) exe with no icon and another exe the main software which have the same icon as the binded package have. Then in that case keep the file extracted if it is necessary and delete the binded file and the small exe. If your antivirus is a good one and upadated this small exe would show up as the virus.