Sunday, August 16, 2009

How To Feel Browser Hijacker In Your Computer

How To Feel Existance Of Browser Hijacker In Your Computer

Dear Friends,

We have learnt so far what Browser hijacker is and we will learn what they do in our computer. How we will fill that we have been attacked by Browser Hijacker.

- Changes web browser’s default home page to a particular web site without asking for user permission.

- Changes web browser’s default search page to a predetermined web site without user consent.

- Sets own error page instead of web browser’s default one, which is displayed when the entered web site address is not valid.

- Redirects a web browser to a predefined site whenever the user enters invalid address or performs an Internet search.

- Modifies essential web browser settings, decreases default security level and adds undesirable or insecure resources to the trusted sites list.

- Creates numerous links to advertising pages, places desktop shortcuts to marketing sites, adds multiple bookmarks to the web browser’s Favorites list.

-A seemingly endless barrage of ads pops up on your screen.

-New toolbars or Favorites are installed that give you icons and links to Web pages that you don't want.

-Your computer runs sluggishly. Malicious software can slow down your computer.

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