Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is File Binding

What is File Binding

Dear Friends,

Now we will tell you that dangerous thing of internet and computer science which is enough to damage your dear computer by coming to your computer home as your invitee and now you have started your guess what it is. We will not keep you in suspense and so now we will tell you what it is and why we are discussing about this. But friends we are discussing about this for informing you how danger it is. Do you know paper filing? We thing most of you know this as this is part and parcel of official work and our personal job. When we keep different papers in a file in a office and then bind it or we can keep the papers serially in a file and bind it its called file binding in our regular life. And same activity is done by the cyber criminals when they use this conception to hack or damage your computer. Now lets explain it to you in a easy way so that you can understand and keep yourself aware from this danger.

Two or more file bind together in a single file is called file binding. Lets take an example. Suppose you have downloaded a picture from Internet. You double click on it to view the picture. As you double click on the picture, it will open in your default picture viewer and an executable file starts running in background silently. That may be a virus, worm, spy ware and add ware or Trojan.

That’s mean picture. jpg + virus. exe = picture1.jpeg or it may be game.exe + virus.exe = fungame.exe

File binding can be done with JAVA programming easily. But the simplest way to bind two or more files in a single file is by using winrar, where we can bind many files into a single file. . And this is the most dangerous for them who downloads movies , ebooks and so on. Not only that we can also set the program priority, means which program to run first.

So we think we have made you clear why we have discussed this before you as in our next discussions we will discuss about different types of wares.

With Love

Urproblemmysolution Team

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