Thursday, August 13, 2009

For The Help of Police Officers

Police Officers Take a Note Please

Hi friends,
We posted here earlier about the hacking of Pay Pal Account and how to remain safe from that and now we are going to post a very useful comment of one of our reader, who is now in CBI. We think we need not to introduce you what is CBI. So please everybody read it and know that you are secured from cyber criminals who hack your Pay Pal Account as they may be caught with the help of Pay Pal by the police. And here is the Valuable command of Mr. Sanjoy Goutam of CBI India:-

Blogger Gautam said...

PayPal is pleased to collaborate with the Government judicial authorities for repression of crimes committed by or to the detriment of their users.

Requests for information from law enforcement and the orders of
acquisitions data the court should be directed to PayPal (Europe)
s.àr.l. et Cie S.C.A, 5th Floor 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449. These
can be sent to the Fraud Investigation Team

Requests for information by the police include:

• Send by fax on letterhead of the applicant
• Sign in charge of the investigation
• Direct to PayPal (Europe) s.àr.l. et Cie S.C.A.
Each request for information should include the following information:

• The e-mail address.
• All addresses and telephone numbers of the person you investigated.
• Your name, address, department, telephone and fax.
• Specific details about the information you need and how they are
needed for your investigation
*** Please note that PayPal has more than 70 million users and thus
more details
you provide will be more easy for us to identify the information you
have requested ***

PayPal (Europe) Ltd is an institution for the issuance of electronic
money regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United
Kingdom and must abide by the Data Protection Act in accordance with
the laws. Therefore, for the release of financial details or
information on transactions carried out by our members, you must order
expressed by the court.

So many many thanks to Mr. Sanjoy Goutam from the heart of Urproblemmysolution Team.

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