Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Is Virtumonde

What is Virtumonde?

Dear Friends,

In our earlier posting we discussed about Fake Antivirus and it may be in case of Spyware i.e.: Fake Anti-Spyware but now we are going to discuss you who is the villain behind all these. We think now you have understood what its name is, yes it is Virtumonde. So let us make you clear what Virtumonde is? This is a Trojan which came in the world of internet I the year 2004 for playing a dangerous game with us i.e.: netizens.

What do they do?

If they are installed they come in the form of pop up by showing that your computer is infected and u need to scan it by a particular anti-virus or anti-spyware and the said pop-up will also come on your screen when you are offline and not only that they disable your automatic system update and the function of your original antivirus. Do you know if you are infected by this Trojan they don’t allow your browser to surf those sites which guides you to remove this Trojan, disable the registry editor, msconfig, task manager, Firewall? So we think now you have understood how danger this is.

Its Removal.

It is tough to remove this Trojan from computer if once infected but you can get help or try by reading the guidelines of but we are not sure about this when one of our friend’s computer was infected we advised him to format the computer after taking a backup of some important files and he did so. But mind it if your anti-virus is updated they will alert you that your system is infected with vundo or Virtumonde Trojan.

So friends take care keep on touch with us for some more cyber crime prevention awareness which you don’t know.

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