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Cyber Pornography and Virus

Cyber Pornography and Virus

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We have discussed a lot about cyber Pornography, its impact on society, and what are laws of different countries to combat with cyber pornography and what their notion about cyber pornography. All the cyber pornography lovers spent a lot to enjoy the same for downloading their choice able movies and some of their links are free and some are payable. The links which are payable they are either through Credit Card or Pay Pals Account or something else for which you will have to disclose your secret information regarding money transfer and all we know that most of those websites are not under SSL i.e.:- secured socket layer that means the web sites are not secured to share economic information in spite of that you will tell us “what does it come to you? Its our matter and only personal matter and we believe them.” O.K friends its all right, its upto you but do you know that your downloadable .zip and .rar files of porn movies carry viruses, which are installed automatically when you click for download and they can steal your personal data, banking information, username passwords, your own picture, even it can crash your system and destroy your all data, which have been and so on, which can send you to the life of Nightmare, as you may be put behind bar for doing some illegal works without your knowledge. Yes it is. It happens and that is why our article is for you. This article will tell you how virus comes through cyber pornography. For your information we are telling you a true incident of the year 2003 that A man accused of storing child pornography on his computer has been cleared after it emerged that his computer had been infected by a Trojan horse, which was responsible for transferring the images onto his PC.

Here are the examples of some viruses related with cyber pornography.

1) According to Micro World, (Trojan) changes Internet settings on the affected computer. The default home page in Internet Explorer is changed to It also adds a range of porn sites and bogus drug sites in the favorites folder and makes changes in the Windows registry to activate the Trojan at the system start-up.

2) Porno-Trojans can lead an infected computer to child pornographic sites, accessing which is a criminal offense in many countries.

3) Now days the most dangerous is Pornware which can be installed on the host machine with malicious intent, via operating or browser vulnerabilities, or by using Trojan-Downloader or Trojan-Dropper programs. This is usually done in order to cause advertisements for pay pornography sites or services to be displayed - sites and services that the user would not have found on his / her own.

4) Browser hijacking programs are also installed through porn download and these programs can redirect users to pornographic websites.

5) Trojans often use a technique known as social engineering to trick Web surfers into downloading them onto their computers. If a surfer visits a pornographic Web site infected with the Trojan, she will be greeted with a message stating that a special video codec is required to view free videos. A codec is a program used to encode and decode digital information so that it can be viewed only by those with permission to do so. If the surfer proceeds with the installation, the Trojan downloads to her computer with the ability to manipulate that computer's Domain Name System (DNS) server, which is then used to look up the correspondences between domain names such as and the IP addresses of Web sites and other Internet services. From then on, cyber criminals can hijack that infected computer, redirecting Web surfers from legitimate Web sites to those designed to steal Social Security, credit card or other personal information.

For getting rid of these we can use some good value antivirus program and updated browsers. So be alert and keep yourself updated with antivirus programs and use new version of browsers.


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