Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Reader’s Comment

Hi Friends,

One of the readers of this blog has shared his valuable experience and has given a valuable comment about credit card here and I think I should publish this in my blog which will enrich all of us about credit card fraud. Thanks to you Mr. Sitangshu Ray.

His Valuable Comment here:-

Dear Sujit,

This is one of kind Blog that impressed me a great deal. Thanks for hosting this blog. I can see that a blog like this will go a long way in solving crimes, specially cyber crimes.

Just for your information, in the Western World, specially in USA,Canada and Europe, Hotel keys designed like credit card contain valuable personal information about the person staying in that hotel room. When you check into the hotel and give your credit card number for payment in advance, the room key (also a card with a magnetic strip) contains that information. When you leave the hotel, you return the room key, which is then stolen by criminal hotel employees to get your credit card information. This type of fraud happens a lot, but few people know about it.

Just a small tip...

Thanks for the wornderful site. Will continue watching its information and progress.

Great Job...

Sitanshu Ray

June 12, 2009 11:23 PM

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