Monday, June 29, 2009

Modus Operandi Of CyberStalker

Secrets of Success of CyberStalkers

Dear Friends,

By seeing the heading of this writing you will tell us that Cyber Stalker are bad for the society so why you are writing this heading of your article. Yes you are right but our thinking is that we just want to bring you the facts about how they get success in their this type of criminal activity. They use different methods to persuade the victim. Our motive is to inform you the modus operandi of cyber stalkers, not to lead anyone and this is for knowledge purpose. They are as follows:-

Step 1: - They collect the entire personal information of their target. Name, family background, telephone number, mobile number, email address, daily routine of target, date of birth and his close friends are collected by them. Then they try to collect photograph.

Step 2: - Then they send email messages by providing this type of data from time to time for gaining confidence under the veil.

Step 3: - Then they try to build up relationship but when they are rejected from the target they start their operation.

Step 4: - They publish all the information of target in the net especially in some adult sites so that his/her target become target of others. They register in some adult pornographic web sites by putting the email address of victim for spreading it as all those are not secured.

Step 5: - They try to super impose the picture of the target and post it to the nude sites.

Step 6: - They the victim starts to get different type of phone calls and emails from different parts of the world, which makes his life horrible.

Step 7: - In spite of this if the victim does not feel harassment they engage third party for threatening him/her by sending emails or phone calls.

Step 8: - They create fake email addresses and send emails from them different times for keeping in touch with him/her for getting the update.

Step 9: - If they don’t get success finally they can reach to her house with some violent motive, as now he has become a psychiatric patient.

So friends be serious about the cyber stalkers and when you feel that the situation is going beyond control inform police and lodge a complaint for avoiding any untoward incident. Best of luck and our advise is “Don’t provide your personal information to any unwanted and unknown person”. We have discussed all these things for knowledge purposes so don’t misuse it. If anyone misuse it he will be solely responsible for his work. Our nest topic will be how to prevent cyber stalker.


Urproblemmysolution team

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