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Cyber Pornography

Cyber Pornography

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Now we are going to post the most sensitive and most vast viewing disputed and most discussed topic in our blog. Our heading has already told you what we are going to discuss. Yes it is nothing but Cyber Pornography. It can make someone’s life hell and give someone immense pleasure. The moto of our posting is not showing you any pornographic posting but to tell you what is happening in this world behind cyber pornography. Pornography is restricted in some countries but at the same time it is well accepted in most of the countries. When the two adults persons who enjoy sex and record their sexual activity through movie camera its not offence and when the upload it in the internet with intentionally in the adult sites its not offence but when sexual activity was intentional but upload was not intention from each end its an offence.

Its no matter what you are doing in your personal life but it matters when it is affecting others life. We are seeing in most of the sex blogs are posting scandals and we think in most of this postings either both the party engaged in sex are not aware of this posting or the lady or the man does not know that their recorded sexual activity has been uploaded in the internet and in this field we think this is crime in the whole world. So we must think for them whose lifes are going to hell in the society for uploading their sexual activities and we think that there is no strong law in the world to stop this and if it had then the sexual activities of celebrities would not come in the internet so smoothly but in some countries like India if any complaint is received from any involved person it is taken seriously and the accused get strong punishment. Even few days ago an Indian doctor was convicted for posting the nude picture of his patient in the internet and it is punishable u/s 67 I T Act 2000.

The web sites like , , and are making hell the life of many couple and many women as they has special respect in the society . The couples who are posting this in the blog intentionally then don’t think that their son or daughter may see this in the future as it will not be wiped out from internet as there are many websites who share the same content after stealing it from others. So its our request to all of the couples be cautious though its your personal matter but whenever you fill that your sexual act with your partner has come to the internet then lodge a complaint before your local police station and let the police do their act and if you feel ashamed then one day it will be the viewing subject of your relatives or the product of your own blood (your son/daughter).

Now we come to the point of Domain Name System. During registering the websites in pornography the owner of the website even does not pay respect to the God/Goddess of a country There are many pornographic websites in the world which is running in the name of God even the ICANN or any Govt. does not care for this. As a reference we can take the name of . We think we must not hurt any community by naming in this way. In this website we will see the obscene picture of Lord Shiva. So its our request to all of our reader please raise your voice to stop this kind of naming.

Finally we will tell you that the whole world has taken special care about child pornography and so far our knowledge goes and this is very good for the society as it is strictly restricted all over the world and there are many incidents of punishment to the offenders on this crime even we think most the countries keep special vigil in the cyber pornography for restricting the child pornography. So far we have given you the overall view of cyber pornography and in our next posting we will discuss about the legal aspects of cyber pornography.


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