Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Story

Another story about credit card fraud:-

IIT Bombay boy held in Rs 7 lakh credit card frauds . Do you know what he did? Now just read it and be conscious.

His modus operandi (mode of operation) was to pick people from the Yellow Pages directory and call them up posing as an employee of Barclays Bank. He would convince them into accepting a free credit card from the bank. Those interested were asked to furnish credit card details, including the CVV number (card verification value code), of any other bank as a requisite for issuance of a Barclays Bank credit card.

He would call up the customer care cell of that particular bank, disclose his CVV number and get the contact number of the actual credit card holder changed in the bank records. By doing so, he ensured that any query related to the online transaction he made using that card was posed to him and not the actual card holder.

With the help of a local air-booking agent, he would procure a list of frequent flyers. Samir (Name changed) would then book tickets online using those credit card details. The agent would cancel the tickets after a few days and get the refund amount. After deducting a small commission, the rest would be deposited in the bogus Punjab National Bank account operated by Samir

Assuming bogus names like Vijay Panchal, Siddharth Mehta, Tejas Shah, Avinash Mehta, Ronak Shah, Dipesh Mehta, Rajesh Mahajan, Samir Bhatia, Vineet Menon, Pradeep Mehra he used to convince his victims into giving him their residential address. He used this to make fake residence proof documents. He would even photoshop his own PAN card, replace his photograph with that of the victim’s, alter personal details and produce the fake PAN card and residence proof to buy new SIM cards, To ensure he never got caught, he would use different cyber cafes and cell phone GPRS systems.

So be conscious my friends.


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