Saturday, June 27, 2009

Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing

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Now we are going to introduce another weapon of cyber criminals. It is email spoofing. Just think it that your post man has handed over you a letter, where you are seeing the sender’s address is UK but it has originally come from USA. Is it possible? You will say no it can’t be as the envelope will show all the seals of those countries through which the envelope has covered its route. Generally it happens and it is the rule.

But this thing happens in the world of internet and perhaps you have seen a movie Demi Moore and Michael Douglas was playing the roles and Demi Moore was sending him the email where there was no senders address. I can’t recollect the name of that film just now but it is a hit film and now think that some is sending email but in the place of senders name and address there is another from another country. This is called email spoofing. And you will get it in the email header file. Email headers are kept hidden. You have to trace the header file different manner in different email services, which will be discussed later on for you friends. Here with the help of some programs the criminal alters the header file to keep himself in disguise from the receiver of mail and they do so when they send spam mails, phishing mails or threatening mails. During sending reply of some emails if you see that the service provider such as Yahoo, Rediffmail, Google and so on is saying that the mail can’t be send then this was completely spoofing email for which you were sending reply.

In the corporate world this type of emails are very dangerous as the cyber miscreant may use the email id of head of HR of MD or CEO as sender’s address and send some dangerous type of emails to their subordinates and female employees or to any one in the society and this thing happened to a renowned company. (We don’t want to disclose the name) but they faced a huge retaliation. Spoofing anyone other than yourself is illegal in some jurisdictions. Even your opponent may send spoofed email by using your mail id. When any mail comes from an unknown mail id and asking your personal secured information then there is every possibility of a spoofed mail from the sender. So friends don’t get nervous but be cautious about spoofed emails.


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