Friday, June 12, 2009

Credit Card

Hi Friends

I know now most of the credit card users are facing a lot of problems, especially from internet transactions, which is creating financial loss to both the user and the service provider. So now time has come to know how to use credit card safely in internet transactions and transactions in shop and malls. For this both the customer and the businessman must take proper care for their financial safety and security.

So I think now you are thinking how is it possible ? It is possible my friends. If you face this kind of problem in your life then post your comment I am ready to respond and if you want to know details about credit card frauds I will post it in my blog.


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SUJOY said...

I need this kind of help..... so plz post some details on it.

Love your country said...

Dear Friend
When you are a credit card user you dont do the following things:-
1. share your credit card details with any telecallers.
2. Don't be agree for exchanging your old cards with new cards from an unknown person directly.
3. In restaurant don't handover your credit card to any waiter.
4. Don't purchase anything from any unsecured site.
5. Don't disclose your CVV number to anyone.
6. Swipe your card infront of you.
7. Be aware or scammer, which steals the detals of your credit card.
8. Dont disclose your PIN number.
9. When you surrender it before any suspected servise provider's employee then crash it so that magstrip must be damaged.

Atish said...

Dear, that's a truly effective step to fight the menacing crime which is really teeling upon the lives of a good lot of people. Some sincere steps are really required to curb. Ur's one of them.

Love your country said...

Thanks Atish, I will try my label best.

indianist said...

Nice article about Credit Cards Safety thanks.....

indianist said...

Nice article about Credit Cards Safety thanks.....