Monday, June 29, 2009

Cyber Stalking


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You have learnt about Phishing, Email Spoofing, and danger from cyber pornography and now we are going to introduce another type of crime for which most of the women, who post their original picture in their profile, become victim in the internet but they don’t know what it calls in the world of cyber crime. It may happen to men also. Now we will introduce this to you.

Suppose you have got a message from someone in the internet by using abusive languages and he/she has also insulted, threatened and is harassing you continuously in the internet. This is called Cyber stalking. So cyberstalking can be defined as the repeated acts harassment or threatening behavior of the cyber criminal towards the victim by using internet services. This is an offence. This is expected to increase as computer as internet became popular. This may be online and offline. Majority of the stalkers are the dejected lovers or ex-lovers, who then want to harass the victim because they can’t get their desired one. Cyber stalking comes in the mind of offenders from the mentality of Harass to someone, Fascination (it begins from online romance and starts from rejection from lover), Revenge, Boasting or showoff.

Types of CyberStalkers:-

According to the studies conducted by experts in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit, the Cyber stalkers were classified into four categories. They are as follows:-

1) Simple Obsessional: - This starts from the person of prior relationship. In the world of cyber stalking this category rank 1st. Motivation behind it to compel the victim to re-enter in the relationship.

2) Love Obsessional: - No prior relationship is generally found under this category. The victim is known to stalker through media or perhaps through internet. In this case most of stalkers are found as a mental disorder person.

3) Erotomanic: - This is a different type cyber stalking, which generally comes from the end of female stalkers.

4) False Victimization Syndrome: - Here also majority of the perpetrators seem to be female and they just want to gain the sympathy.

(Sources are from different books)


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