Saturday, June 20, 2009


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Hope all of you are fine and we beg a pardon before you as we could not produce anything before you yesterday due to our otherwise engagement. Now our team has decided to bring before you the problems about most alarming crime in the world. Do you know what it is? It is cybercrime, the crime which drops the netizens into a big ocean of loss with the help of magic machine (Computer), mobile phones and some other wireless technologies. So friends we must be cautious for the Cyber Criminals and we must know what to do against them if we are trapped and I believe the entire world is now thinking for combating with them. Under this label we may discuss about the modus operandi of the Cyber Criminals for bringing them in the knowledge of our readers, so all of our readers are requested not to follow the activities of the Criminals and if they follow we will not be liable for that.

So let’s start with an idea about Cybercrime. What do we mean about cybercrime and who are victims of this crime? In brief Cybercrime is a crime where computer as a target, computer as tool, computer as incidental, computer as associate and the victims are individual, economy of the country, the society and the Nation.

What kinds of activities in the internet are called cybercrime? In response we will say on the basis of laws of different countries that 1) Hacking 2) spreading viruses, worms, Trojans 3) Cyber stalking 4) Cyber terrorism 5) Cyber fraud, cheating 6) Phishing 7) DOS attack 8) E-mail bombing 9) E-mail spoofing 10) Data diddling 11) Salami attacks 12) Logic bombs 13) Internet time theft 14) Web jacking and so on.

We will discuss all the above noted crimes in our coming publishing slowly and try to solve the problems of our reader by guiding them with strong suggestion.


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