Monday, June 22, 2009

Attention to Cyber Merchants

What the Cyber Merchants should do during credit card transaction.

Now a days Credit Card fraud through internet is a very big issue and it is creating near about 2% internet sales revenue loss in the internet sales market due to ignorance of some merchants. So this article is for them who do not want to face loss in their internet sales market and our article is for guiding them and inspite of this they are suggested to take suggestion from the experts in critical cases. Here are our suggestions:-

1) Finding out geolocation from sender’s IP address: - There are many tools in the internet for learning the geolocation of order supplier. At least you can learn from which country the order has come. For your reference may help you.

2) Check whether an anonymous proxy server was used to place the order: - If it is be cautious.

3) Compare IP address country and billing address country:- Now compare IP address country and billing address country. If it is found some suspicious then try to avoid it. Now its upto you.

4) Now check the risk status of the country: - For this you will have to collect survey report which speaks about most high risk country and low risk country and here I can’t explain as names of some countries are involved.

5) Check the e-mail address: - Now check the e-mail address, whether it is free or anonymous and here you can take help from .

6) Check whether the phone number is valid and located within the correct ZIP code.

7) Compare the credit card issuing bank’s country with the billing addresses country.

8) Call the credit card issuing bank to verify the validity of credit card.

9) For further quarry take suggestion from experts.


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