Thursday, July 2, 2009

Comment on Prevent cyberstalking

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Blogger All About Opensource said...

First of all thanks for all your effort. Now just few quick questions as u mentioned that "1) Don’t share personal information and photograph on the net. 2) Don’t fill your original profile in the unknown websites. 3) Don’t open your email account by using your original name & address or age."
But But But... in few sites like msn,google,yahoo(reliable) we used to do that with out fear which is not a big deal but my question is how do people will understand which site is reliable and which not? coz now a days more of a site requires registration for delivering information...
is there any specific way to understand that?? like ISO for commodities....
Just curiosity...
Thanks again for your all good effort..

July 1, 2009 11:27 AM

Thanks Kailash for your valuable quarry

We would suggest that whenever we will go to post our actual profile we must see that the unknown site must be started with "https" instead of "http" as that is under secured layer and it is quite tough to hack or crack and getting personal data from there. And if u say about other renowned non "https" websites like Google and Yahoo and others they are unquestionable as their security system is beyond imagination. So for unknown websites you must see "https" before providing your original profile otherwise there might be a risk but I must not say that you will traped. It may be.


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Anonymous said...

I do not see your logic

Michelle Jackson said...
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Michelle Jackson said...
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Michelle Jackson said...

Sharing personal information is impossible to avoid. Cyber stalkers that have been cyber stalking and cyber bulling me since 2001 were employed by the Department of Education. As of this date they have enlisted others to engage in illegal activity such as cyber espionage, cyber bulling, cyber stalking, including deliberate destruction of intellectual property. This happened when in 2000, G.W. Bush and the United States government sued Bill Gates for monopolizing the industry with the Windows Operating system. After the law suit against Bill Gates, the spy program was born. We are now at war with hackers from around the world; revenge of the nerds.
Out sourcing of our technology in order to prevent whisle blower from revealing the real plan (spying on the WORLD); the American public continue to purchase flawed Windows operating systems designed in other countries thus making it impossible to detect where the attacks are coming from due to the default proxy settings built into the Windows operating system. Due to the simplicity of the Windows Operating system versus the Linux Operating system, the average person prefers only Windows Operating systems. In the Windows operation system by default are several NT administrative access setting with passwords in the Windows services settings with default backdoors setting designed into the Windows Operating system. In the registry are worms devices targeted to attack the victims system;Trojan horses and other malware infections are also included in the administrative settings of the Windows Operating system. False sense of security with the Windows defender in Windows 7 and Windows 8; the Microsoft firewall is riddled with access ports set as a default setting in the Windows firewall settings for easy access to the victims computer system making all of use vulnerable to Identity theft, cyber stalking, cyber bulling, including cyber espionage by remote control; since the remote settings is installed by default in all malware Windows Operating system. So your security is out of the window by using any Windows Product.
Since the cyberbulling that have bullied me and my computers are government employees from the Department of Education, Internet service providers such as Cox Communications, Cricket Wireless, AOL, Earthlink and Cellphone providers illegal wire taps such as Cricket, Verizon, and T-Mobile, there is very little e victims can do without being certified in technology or a business owner according to the FBI; the average person can not file a compliant. Since 2001 my intellectual propery has received constant Denial of Service, Distributed denial of service from the Cox Communications and Cricket Wireless, this includes Fruggle attacks, Smurf attacks including drive-by's and zero day exploits. FBI reports that only about 3 millions are infected around the world that is a ball face lie.. If you own a Windows Operating system you are on a spy server of the Department of Education; this is 99% of all Windows users around the world.