Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Tips for Pay Pal Account Security

How To Keep Your Pay Pal Account More Safe?

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  One of our reader has given his valuable command over Pay Pal Account Security and it seemed to us that it should post on our blog so that our other readers get some more knowledge about their security tips for Pay Pal and we will suggest you to read our previous posting first and this is the continuation of that discussion and we think this will help you to keep your Pay Pal Account more and more safe from hacking or money loss.


Here is the valuable comment of Kailash.

 All About Opensource said...

"I would like to say thanks to all well wishers of this site and also Urproblemmysolution Team for maintaining a such a informative site. 
In this post Urproblemmysolution Team almost cover all the things regarding paypal, though i just need to add few point like when ever trying paying something via paypal for any kind of subscription with multiple payment term please do not check the options like "Auto renewal" or "Auto recharge" or "auto payment option" .
Before paying or receiving any money in paypal please read T&C carefully that will take few min for first time but those few min can save your $$$$ being fraud by some cracker. 
Keep Changing your paypal password in every 7 days or even after every two transaction. 

FYI the official site of Paypal is www.paypal.com

p.s. On-Screen Keyboard can be accessible by type "osk" on "Run"

Cheers :) !!!

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