Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keep safe your password

How to Keep Password Safe Normally

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We are discussing here about the hidden danger in cyber world for making you conscious about the reality in the cyberspace and for that we had already discussed about various types of cyber crimes and the weapons of cybercriminals but we had not discussed many topics yet as the cyber world is vast and it has no end and we will keep continue our discussion to make aware the netizens about the evil side of cyber world so that they use the net cautiously and carefully and that’s why now we will discuss how to keep your password safe as most of the time we get complaint from netizens that someone has opened his/her email id and deleted some important emails and sent threatening emails to some persons and not only that even we got complaint from a website owner that someone has hacked his website and deleted their entire customer database but during investigation it is learnt that their sacked employee did so by using old admin password. So here are some tips to keep your password safe normally:-

1) Always use paid updated antivirus in your computer to keep yourself safe from packet sniffer which steals data the during data transmission through the internet channel.

2) Don’t use your name or spouse name or son/daughter name or close relatives name as your password.

3) Don’t use your or above noted persons age, DOB, year of birth with your name as password.

4) Don’t use normal questions as your security question during creating email id.

5) Don’t update your password on phishing mail as no website asks to update your password unless you want to change.

6) Always use upper case ( A B C D so on), lower case (a,b,c,d so on), special key( @,#,$,% etc), numbers (1,2,3 so on) simultaneously in your password as in these cases it will be too much tough to break the password by the password breaking software.

7) Try to create your password minimum at least twelve digit by using the above noted (5) rules.

8) Don’t share your personal information with any unknown email as man use their close pals details in their password.

9) Change your password immediately if you think something wrong is happening with your email id.

10) Change your password time to time. Don’t use the same password always.

11) Don’t use net banking transactions from any cyber cafĂ© of office computer as there is every possibility of installing key logger software in those computers.

12) It is a request to corporate to change their admin password when their website maintenance admin staff is transferred or sacked or if he leaves the job.

We think we have made clear to you about how to keep safe your password. Try to follow this and inspite of that if your password is broken make complaint before police.


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