Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Trojan Comes to you


                           How Trojans enters in your computer.

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               In our previous discussion we already told you what is Trojan and what is the history of Trojan and there we published two pictures through which we explained that if you invite Trojan in your room i.e.: computer they enters there otherwise they don’t have any chance to enter there and you can keep yourselves free from them. So we have primarily understood how the most dangerous computer program Trojan enters in your computer and now we will bring before you the experts comment in a nutshell about how Trojans enters in your computer.
  Here the ways or paths, which we give the Trojan to enter in our room and stay with us safely for causing danger to our computer and personal life:- 

1) When we download software from an unknown website with an executable file. It comes in windows platform with .exe, .bat, .com, .vbs extension.
2) When we share file during chatting with known and unknown friends.
3) When we download crack file from different websites for validating the trial version of software as experts say that most of the crack files contains Trojan.
4) It comes through multi-extension file name such as .txt.vbs or .jpg.exe and the Trojan creators hide the last extension so that the downloader can’t see the original file status.
5) When we download or open any attachment file or picture from an unknown or untrusted sender.
6) When you blindly type commands that others tell you to type, or go to web addresses mentioned by strangers, or run pre-fabricated programs or scripts.
7) When we open porn sites and porn pictures.

So now you have understood which can stop you from being the victim of Trojan and we think you will follow this during net surfing and installing any file from any outside source. 

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