Friday, July 24, 2009

History Of Trojan


        What is The History of Trojan

Dear Friends,

            We think now you have understood what we are going to publish before you as the pictures above have made you clear about our discussion. It is that picture which reminds us the great story of Greek mythology. And yes it is. Now you will say why we are discussing the story here. It’s not the place of story discussion but we think we should, as what we will bring before you just now that name has come from this history and practical idea. So we think we have primarily got success to make you understand why the most dangerous and sensitive virus or program in computer world has been christened in this manner. And we have made you clear also that as we invite they come but if we don’t they will not. Yes our friends this is Trojan horse virus of the computer world. As our blog is only for preventing cyber crime and our principle moto is to make aware the netizens about the danger of cyber world and how to get rid of from them and how we can keep ourselves safe from there so readers pl don’t ask us how to write Trojan programs. We are against them who spread this type of danger to the cyber world.
With Love
Urproblemmysolution Team

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