Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relief from Trojan

                                                  How we can get rid of Trojans

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        We have discussed so far what is Trojan, history of Trojan, how it comes to you, what it does in your computer and now we will discuss you the last topic about Trojan i.e.: how to get rid of from Trojans. Anti-virus programs detect known Trojan horses. However, Trojan horse programs are easier to create than viruses and many are created in small volumes. These Trojan horse programs will not be detected by anti-virus software. The best defense against a Trojan horse is to never run a program that is sent to you. The others are as follows:-

1) Take back up of your important files and then format it and re-install the system.

2) Install good paid antivirus not the free version.

3) Keep the antivirus in auto scanning mode always.

4) Always allow your antivirus to scan your computer completely.

5) If you download any file or image or film don’t run it until you scanned it by your own good paid antivirus like Kaspersky and Norton. Don’t go against antivirus.

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