Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cookie is Danger

When Cookie is Danger

Dear Friends,

If you read about what cookies are then you will get there that Cookies can contain specific information about the user:

    • Username and password
    • Date of last visit

So your user name and password of a visiting site may be stored in your computer cookie of that site and you think someone has stolen it by using some software so is it vulnerable or not? You think it. So we need some general solution.

How can one describe the solution from cookies?

To increase your level of security, adjust your privacy and security settings to block or limit cookies in your web browser as follows:

  1. Go to Options (tools in Firefox / Mozilla), click on Internet Options (Options),

  1. Thereafter, click on Privacy, change cookie acceptance privacy level (e.g., do not accept third party cookies - move cursor up with mouse on vertical bar) or accept cookies until I close Firefox, and

  1. Click on General, click on delete cookies to get rid of all temporarily stored cookies you have on the machine right now (Firefox, just check and see what you want, various options best is if you click Privacy, then click on Clear All).

If you don’t use Firefox please go to options in your browser and do the same thing as discussed above.

In our next posting we will give the Very important tips when using Public Terminals and Cyber Cafes please keep visit this blog for your future help.


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