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One of the Valuable readers of this blog has posted a valuable comment on the posting “Are You Secured During Personal Data Sharing In Net?” and We think we must share that comment with you as this will be very much helpful to all of us in the cyber world. After receiving this comment our team requested him to explain it in a simple manner so that it can be easily understandable to all the readers and then he posted an easy explanation for our readers on his valuable comment.

Here is his comment.

Blogger Sitanshu said...

I'm ever so gratified by your concise explanations of complicated terminologies.

Wanted to mention that there is yet another secured protocol in addition to the ones you explained so well.

This protocol is called SHTTP as opposed to HTTPS

The difference is that SHTTP is used for "Document Level Security", whereas HTTPS is "Communication Channel Level Security".

That means lesser overhead, because you only secure the message or document that you are sending this one time (SHTTP), than keeping the entire channel (or communication) secure all the time (HTTPS).

In HTTPS - HTTP sits over SSL, whereas in SHTTP, SSL sits over HTTP. Two schemes which are equally effective and both use Public key Encryption and Private Key Decryption, and both use RSA or DSA as the case maybe.

In my next post (with you permission) I would like to explain for your viewers in simple terms what "Public Key Encryption Really Means".

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Sitanshu Ray

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