Friday, July 24, 2009

What is Trojan To Computer

             What is Trojan horse or Trojan to computer?
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           This was a discussion only and now we will tell you what is Trojan Horse Virus related to computer. It is heard that this virus came to the computer world in the year 1999 in the form of an executable file named "ie0199.exe" and was provided as an email attachment. It will come to you as a useful software but starts damage after its installation as just after its installation the virus writer take the control of your computer through the backdoor which he created by installing Trojan in your system. Trojan horses are not self-replicating. Their action starts just when they come in contact with their writer as the writers use Trojan as remote computer operating program. Until and unless they are interacted with their creator or user they dont work. Is it not functioning like the soldiers of Troy? They work the same way the ancient Trojan horse did: Once they're installed, the program will infect other files throughout your system and potentially wreak havoc on your computer. 

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