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How to keep Pay Pal Account Safe from Hackers/Crackers

                            How to keep Pay Pal Account Safe from Hackers/Crackers

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  In our last posting we discussed about the modern secured net transaction mediator Pal Pal and what it is and how it works and what type of security system they maintain for their customers and there we also told that their account is now also hacked by hackers/crackers. Before discussing the tips for preventing the hackers/crackers we think that we should give you some basic knowledge about some terms used here. So lets start.

1) Hacker/Cracker:- Hacker and Cracker these are two different terms and used for different categories of men in the net. Hackers means those persons, who can access your personal data and site or email unauthorisedly but they don’t create any danger to your life or your system and they show you how much unsecured is your system. They are good for the cyber world but on the other hand crackers do the same thing but cause casualty to your system or your personal data and money. So our fighting is against cracker and moto is not to give a chance to hacker for accessing our system or personal database in net. We think we are now clear about this.

2) Keylogger :- What is keylogger? This is the most dangerous spyware or a computer program, which studies your all keys when you supply any input to your computer or type it. It may be in hardware form also. This may be installed by cyber criminals in your machine through net if your antivirus program is not strong. This may be kept with some links and if click on that in net that may be installed in your computer and generally phishing links and some pornography links carry keylogger with them for installing them in your laptop or PC. Then they sent your data or user name password to the person, who installed that software in your computer through net. Detecting the presence of a keylogger on a computer can be difficult. So-called anti-keylogging programs have been developed to thwart keylogging systems.

3) On-Screen Keyboard :- This is the key board, which has already been installed in your computer for working with this if situation demands. How you will get it. You go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On Screen Keyboard.

Now we say how to keep safe your Pay Pal Account. Here are the tips.

1) Create safe password by using safe password tips, discussed earlier.
2) Try to use gmail email id for registering your Pay Pal Account as this is more secure than others.
3) As Pay Pal e-transaction is very much secured so hacking pay pal site is very very tough and for that they use Keyloggers help. For getting rid of keylogger use On Screen Keyboard during typing email id and password in Pay Pal site.
4) Use a separate email id for registering Pay Pal.
5) Don’t share it with any other.
6) Please use paid antivirus for your computer.
7) Don’t use cyber café for this transaction as some cyber cafes use screen shot hidden software in their computers and you will not understand this.
8) Don’t use same password for your email id and Pay Pal Account as if anyone can hack your email id he also can hack your Pay Pal Account.
9) Once Pay Pal Account enquiry or transaction is over please delete all cookies (For knowing the reason pl read when cookie is dangerous) and Log out your Account.

Our other readers are also requested to comment over this for more security to the Pay Pal Account holder.

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All About Opensource said...

I would like to say thanks to all well wishers of this site and also Urproblemmysolution Team for maintaining a such a informative site.
In this post Urproblemmysolution Team almost cover all the things regarding paypal, though i just need to add few point like when ever trying paying something via paypal for any kind of subscription with multiple payment term please do not check the options like "Auto renewal" or "Auto recharge" or "auto payment option" .
Before paying or receiving any money in paypal please read T&C carefully that will take few min for first time but those few min can save your $$$$ being fraud by some cracker.
Keep Changing your paypal password in every 7 days or even after every two transaction.

FYI the official site of Paypal is

p.s. On-Screen Keyboard can be accessible by type "osk" on "Run"

Cheers :) !!!