Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling of Bots’ Presence and how to Get Relief

                                                      Feeling of Bots’ Presence

Dear Friends

             Now the question is when you will feel that ‘bot’ has been installed in your computer system secretly. If you find that your key board is not working properly. You are pressing “x” but it is displaying “t” or something other but previously it was working normally. This is an example of the danger side of ‘bot’ in your computer. The other signs include poor computer system performance, slower response times and longer start-up and shut-down times, dramatic loss in Internet connection speeds, loss of hard disk space, web browser frequently closes for no apparent reason, browser's home page resets and cannot be changed, new desktop icons and applications, like toolbars, suddenly appear, access to various computer security-related Web sites is blocked, pop-up ads appear even when the Web browser is closed. Some other signs are computer seems to be accessing the hard drive constantly, an unresponsive mouse and keyboard, when you open your email there are several bounce notifications from people you never tried to email, there is internet activity or your modem's activity light continuously flashes even when you're not even accessing the net, your virus checker is disabled and you're unable to update your antivirus program. 

                                                   How to get relief from Bot

             The national security agencies and cyber crime authorities of different countries are awaring the netizens for preventing the bot and as per the suggestion of cyber security agencies and cyber crime detection wings the netizens should install antivirus software, firewall, using strong passwords, and a good email and download behavior. Even now a day some very good antivirus companies like Norton have brought Antibot software for preventing bots in computer. There are also some free versions of Antibot in the net but I get scarred to use those for favorite personal computers and laptops.  
With Love
Urproblemmysolution team

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