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What is Pay Pal Account

What is Pay Pal ( Account?

Dear Friends, 

            As per our words and promise we are going to discuss you about Pay Pal as this is the safest e-transactions in the world as if you visit the above noted website you will find it starts with “https” if you use normal browser and don't use faster browser and for that all the data passes through it to their server is in encrypted form. So we think we first introduce you what is Pay Pal. This is basically a mediator between you and the e-seller and for that they don’t charge any fees from you but they charge it from the seller and that is also a small percentage on sales value. Before that you will have to have an account with them. For opening the account you just need a valid email id, name and address, a valid telephone number. So now a question will arise in your mind that just with the help of that email id can I purchase anything from e-marketing? What should be your answer is it possible that you don’t have money in your account and you will purchase anything. So what you should do. You should keep a balance in your Pay Pal Account and from there you will spend and Pay Pal is taking responsibility to pay the amount to your seller where you don’t know seller directly but getting his product.  

           So in this stage a question may arise in your mind the why I will do so, I have credit card and debit card facility and I can purchase it by using those from net. Yes you can do that but mind it that all the net transactions are not done through secured channel. Some of them are unsecured and their there is every possibility of your credit card and debit card number get hacked and the hacker may misuse it and for that Pay Pal business is in boom. In our first part we discussed that a balance is needed in your Pay Pal Account and you can’t deposit money directly in your Pay Pal Account from out site the USA as the business is run from USA and for that you will have to transfer the balance to your Pay Pal Account from your credit card or some other cards as desired by Pay Pal. Only the American citizens can do the bank transfer and if you don’t have your credit card there is option to transfer the amount from your friend’s card also if your friend wants and for that I made a quarry to Pay Pal authority that why this system is continued by them and why the other countries don’t have the facility of bank transfer and in response they told that it is due to the security purpose and if a card is used the verification of person is possible and at the time of final transaction before purchase they use their Gausebeck-Levchin Test ( which we discussed earlier) for avoiding bot transaction and even I tried to access their site by using a proxy server but they denied. So you can say that it is secured. 

            We think now you have become angry on us and your anger is reaching in such a position that you will tell me then why you have posted this here if the system is so secured and you promised us that you will tell us the danger side of cyber world. Yes you are right that the system is very much secured but in spite of that the Pay Pal accounts are get hacked and the people are becoming victim over this and that is why we were discussing you the details of Pay Pal account system. In our next posting we will discuss you what are the dangers in Pay Pal account and why and how we can get rid of from there. So keep in touch with us.


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