Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nuisense value of Trojan

                                  What casualty Trojan does in your computer.

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         Now we will tell you the danger site of Trojans in our computer. We think that you read about cookies and there we learnt that the websites keeps their evidences in the browser for identifying you in the next time when you visit or they keep some records for their creators as their needs and it may be for good or bad. In the same manner if Trojan is installed in your computer the Trojan creates backdoor for his creator for operating your computer from remote by sitting far from you. You just think that the door, windows and all holes of your room are closed and sealed and then can anyone do anything in your room? No it’s impossible as there is no hole to get entry there. But if he can manage to create a hole or open the window or door, he can do anything there by using his power and knowledge. So Trojan is that it creates backdoor in your computer through which the hacker or cyber criminals can hack your system and cause casualty. But you should keep in mind that Trojan can’t do anything without the control of any person or system it does that what its creator programmed it during creation. It just resides in your system hidden and when the said executable file is executed by any means it comes with its original nature. It can format your any drive as per their program or deletes your important data and they can do anything as controlled by their operator.
  When they take control your computer is called a bot, since it is now their robot. All passwords, data, system settings, just about anything you can think of can be changed or monitored. Each keystroke you do can be captured. Your sound, screen functions, mouse, you name it can be altered. They can completely control your computer. So these are the vulnerable sides of Trojans.

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